I turned 40 years last November. I wasn’t bothered by it and even less so now. I’m finding that I’m happier with me. I’m more tolerant of some things and less tolerant of others. Last weekend was totally mind blowing for me. I’m still hyped! Here’s why I’m cheerful this week:

– Last weekend I attended two natural hair events with a mate (and curlfriend) child-free! Not only did I have the chance to enjoy just being me, Maria, not mum for two days but  I learnt a lot at the events. Curlvolution was very inspiring. It wasn’t just women of colour meeting to talking about hair and products. It was about developing the individual, learning to love yourself. It was about stepping out the shadows. You’ve got a talent, you’ve got a dream make it real.

– I’m growing in confidence  in many ways and that makes me proud. I’ve been working on it for years but it seems turning 40 has helped me. So much so, my ole insecurity about not wearing bright lipsticks because my lips are too big are now well and truly in the past. I fell in love with a blue lippy at the Afro Hair and Beauty Live show. I not only bought it I wore it. So what if I look as though I’ve just bitten into a poisoned fruit. I love it!



– In spite of the bleak weather this week, I made it outdoors twice with the kids to checkout our new local children’s centre. Its a DREAM! Its purpose build, spacious, lovely facilities and toys to engage the kids. The staff are amazing so much so Angelo requested to stay forever and ever. Both kids enjoyed the chance to have messy play.

– Because our local children’s centre is within walking distance, Angelo and I had the chance to enjoy our neighbourhood. We spotted mini beast and frisky lil squirrels and chatted along the way.


So that’s me. How was your week. What’s got you cheerful and fired up?! I’m linking this post to the Reason To Be Cheerful blog hop, pop on over to see what the rest of us have been up to.

Have you hit the 40th year mark How do you feel about it? Comment below I would love to hear from you.



(updated 3rd August 2022)



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