Now here’s a song that I’m sure if you are a parent and your child has seen Disney’s Frozen, you will know VERY well. I think I’ve heard this song in every language known to humankind courtesy my son, the Frozen super fan. So this week, I’ve embraced the idea of the song ‘Let it go’ as my theme for reasons to be cheerful.

New Diet

I’m now on a diet. I’m not starving myself … much… but I’ve reduced my portion sizes and now have a smoothie or cereal for breakfast or as a snack instead of four slices of break with ham or a large bowl of cheese puffs. I’m letting go of my extra pounds. I can feel the difference already. My back and hips ache much less.


Natural Hair Care

If your hair is naturally straight it may not be a big deal to allow your little one to brush your hair. However, when you hair is naturally curly or kinky you may not relish a little uncoordinated hand ‘raking’ through your hair even if the brush is a Tangle Teezer! However, I’ve now let go of my fussiness with my hair.

It tugged at my heart to see my son playing with other people’s hair and enjoying it but he couldn’t play with mine. This morning was the second time I allowed him to brush my hair and honestly it was therapeutic. What was I anxious about?! Really…



Mayfield Lavender


Mayfield Lavender


Last weekend my family and I attend the Mayfield Lavender festival again. Its really grown in popularity. I’m sure its more than double in size and we attended on the last day in the afternoon.

It as great to let the kids go to run free in the lavender field to observe the mini best world and as you do take a few family snaps.

For more pics of the day please visit The Tiger Tales Facebook page.


Final word on Reasons To Be Cheerful

That’s me. How about you? Why are you cheerful this week? What are you wins this week, small or big share them with us.

I’m linking this post to the Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop that’s being hosted by Lakes Single Mum.



(updated 1st June 2020)




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