As I type Angelo is slowly making a recovery from yet another tummy bug. He came home from nursery fine, in his usual high spirits on Thursday. Next thing I know 3 am on Friday morning, he’s up, crying and has a high temperature. Even cuddling him hurt. Thankfully, with his course of medicine and TLC he seems to be coming around and now keep down a little food.

So why am I cheerful:

  • I’m cheerful that while Angelo catches bugs, he’s getting strong after every one
  • I’m cheerful that Valentina didn’t have a bad turn due to her vaccinations

Maybellin’se ltd ed Color Show Rainforest Canopy

  • I’m cheerful that I’m learning to eek out a little time for me. This week I painted my fingers AND MY TOES! What a liberty right?! I know!

image from Pinterest via Sanctury Spa

  • My dear hubby stayed home with the kids yesterday which allowed me to attend a Kellogg’s event. After the work came the play. We all went to Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden, which was a great way to catch up with fellow bloggers and unwind. I enjoyed my treatments then relaxed with my current read (Goodnight Beautiful/ by Dorothy Koomson) from this gorgeous spot  ….

image from Pinterest via Sanctury Spa

… refreshed I returned home to take care of my poorly little lamb. He got lots of cuddles from me and dad.

So, that’s me. How about you. Why are you cheerful.


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