I LOVE Instagram! It’s a forum that gives me inspiration for makeup, photography, fashion and so on. Around spring 2013 I began to discover a amazing artists, designers and entrepreneurs from Trinidad, I immediately began to ‘follow’ them. I felt as though I was getting the best taste of of home. Some of the things I miss about Trinidad and Tobago are the colours of the flora and fauna, the passion of my native country men and the art they produce. I spotted ESPjr Island and fell in love with their branding, their mini Trini t-shirts and baby onesies. Then, the concept of a book that they were planning on publishing about a leatherback back turtle was revealed.

Protecting leatherback turtles

I’m thrilled to report that they’ve published the book and it’s now on the market! Recently, when my mum asked me what I wanted for my children, I didn’t have to think about it. I requested a mini Trini t-shirt and the book ‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’ When I held ‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’ in my hands I was so happy.  I got nostalgic about my university days. During my time at university, I was a member of a club that took part in environmental work. One of our projects was to patrol the beaches on the island where the leatherback turtles came ashore to lay theirs. I attended one patrol while I was in the club.

I felt truly blessed to be stood on the dark beach watching those mummy leatherback turtles swim ashore.  Only when they felt safe to do so, would they come out of the water, bright lights and sudden movements could cause them to return to the sea.

A hatchling’s story

On the night of the day I received the ‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’, I leafed through the pages and found the content and images to be right on target.  I could hardly wait to read it to my children. ‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’ is a charming book that embodies the theme of team-work and little ones everywhere will luv it. The story teller in ‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’ is Hatch a tenacious little leatherback turtle. He tells us a bit about him mum’s journey to nest and lay him and his siblings. We gather that he’s competitive because once he’s hatched, all he wants is to be the first to the sea. What happens there after is an enchanting of tale about how he comes to accept team-work is the best way forward.  Repetition of words gives the story a rhythm and a tone of determination. Hatch’s mum has to ‘Dig Dig Dig’ her nest then she has to ‘Cover Cover Cover’ the eggs to keep them safe untill its time for them to hatch.  Hatch delivers an engaging story that little ones will relate to; the style taps into their love of rhythm, sounds and music.

Angelo’s best bit: He likes the swimming turtles

My best bits: I like the colour palette used for the illustration, blacks and deep blues capturing the colours of the Caribbean night. Bright greens and browns, the colours that stand out at the seaside during the daytime. I luv the use of words and repetition, and the setting the story in a real location. It’s an excellent way to introduce basic geography and the idea of conservation and preservation of endangered animals.

I feel that ‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’ suitable for ages 3-6 years old. Due to the age range its best suited to, I’d like to see the book be made available in hardcover or steadier paper in the future. Admittedly as an expat I’m sentimental about Hatch but I truly believe its one to buy and add to a child’s library and passed down to younger generations as time goes by, whether you are a Trini or not.

Book Details

Paperback: 44 pages

Publisher: Everything Slight Pepper; 1st edition (October 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9769535001

ISBN-13: 978-9769535008

Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.1 x 8 inches

‘Ready.Set… Hatch!’ and other ESPjr Island’s products, shipping information and  stockists are available on their website.


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