A few years ago, I began following little Nova’s insta feed, but I never spotted her parents. From time to time we liked each other’s snaps and commented, untill recently. When I decide to host the series on Mixed Heritage Family Life, I reached out. Although Nova and her brother, Ryan, are younger than my children, I was curious to know how they celebrated their different cultures. Did they already know at a young age they are mixed race? Their mum Aisha kindly accepted my invitation to share their story. This is Aisha’s interview.

Birth Story and Motherhood



TTT: Tell us a bit about yourself?

A: My name is Aisha. I have two children Nova 4 and Ryan 3. We are from London born and bred. We are an active family my son enjoys playing football and my daughter loves nature (i.e. plants, small creatures) and exploring.


TTT: How has your motherhood journey been so far?

A: Before I had children, I just believed I couldn’t have children. It’s a strange thought, I know but I’d never been pregnant and I never used female contraceptives. So, when I finally got pregnant in my mid-20s it was a big shock to me. I felt worried and over-protective because I didn’t want a miscarriage.

The first trimester of the pregnancy wasn’t noticeable to me; no symptoms. The second trimester, the more noticeable symptoms began, and I was eating a lot more. The labour was easy for me, the baby came out fairly fast, not much pushing but it was scary for me as it was my first time.

For my second pregnancy, I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 3 months gone. When I went for a scan the baby was healthy and the pregnancy progressed without morning sickness and nausea until the labour. I had a pool birth which helped me a lot with the pain and the baby came right out without much pushing.

From newborn to toddler stage to present, I’ve had some good days and bad days. Each day is a challenge. I do miss having a newborn and taking walks in the summertime with them in their pram. Now they go out on their scooters and I am trying to keep up with them. I enjoy seeing them growing up together and doing different activities together.

Nova and Ryan

Race and Culture



TTT: What is the racial mix of your children? And What does being mixed race mean them?

A: My children are Dominican and Chinese-Vietnamese. My son is too young to notice he is mixed raced. Although, he does notice that mummy is different from daddy due having different hair textures.

My daughter has a feeling she is mixed raced but she doesn’t understand what that means to her yet.


TTT: Do you ‘celebrate’ all your family’s heritage in your daily life? If so, how?

A: The children celebrate Chinese New Year with their grandparents. They usually have traditional Chinese cuisine, giving out lucky money and attending The Chinese Festival.  We also attend Caribbean celebrations including Notting Hill Carnival and the Creole Festival.

I plan to take the children to each country of their heritage when they’re a bit older, so they can fully absorb who they are.

The Future



TTT: What is your biggest wish for your children?

A: My biggest wish for the children is to see them happy in whatever they choose to do. I will always advise them and guide them along but will never push them if they are truly unhappy.



 Get Social


Aisha manages Nova and Ryans’s Instagram pages. You can follow what they get up to on their exploits.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Comment below, I would love to hear from you.






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