Since giving birth to Angelo, I’ve not had the same gusto with eating food. Perhaps its a good thing for the most part as I’ve had a bad relationship with food for many years. I used to be what is commonly called a ‘comfort eater’. These days a cup tea or a glass of wine does the trick, if needs be. I’m cheerful because this week because:

  • Thanks to two dear friends and family I’ve had a few Trini food treats to share with Angelo… and Valentina as I’m breastfeeding
  • I’ve finally had my hair trimmed. It was much needed as I’ve not had a trim since Summer, it was long overdue and I can’t make it to the my regular salon, so my mate Chelsea did it. After we had dined on her lovely Trini chicken pilau rice. (End of this month it will be 3 years natural since I have not chemically straighted my hair).
  • Yesterday I and a little me time… also LOOOONG overdue. Valentina and I went to my the local nail bar and I had a pedicure… next time I’ll select a nice bright Spring colour though. I went for a metallic chocolate brown.
Mum’s fruit cake & Starbucks Vanilla Spice Hot Chocolate

Chocolate must have been on my mind as after having my pedicure I popped into Starbucks for a their LARGEST cup of Vanilla Spice Hot Chocolate. I took it home to eat with slice of Trini fruit cake. As cold as it was yesterday I took a very slow walk to avoid spilling any of that gorgeous sexy ELIXIR… seriously people, you GOTTA TRY it before the season changes and its gone. It reminds me so much of my childhood. On Saturdays my grandmother would grate raw chocolate, and boil with it bay leaves, spice, cinnamon  nutmeg, then add sugar and milk. Once tasted its never forgotten. The Starbucks blend is the closest I’ve come to it since leaving home. 

2013 Color blind Cards Calender

Lastly and no means list because it not food related but I had the privilege of post a feature on Color blind Cards this week. Its a brand that makes my hear glad.

How has your week been?


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