Pancake breakfast on Valentine’s Day

After a quiet but lovely day together for Chinese New Year… my week went down hill. It’s has been MENTAL! To say the least, but here’s hoping that things are on the up for the week to come:

I’m ‘relatively’ cheerful because:

  • Last weekend I was able to celebrate the two ‘predominant cultures’ (for want of a better phrase)  in my family. It was Carnival weekend in Trinidad and Chinese New Year, the world over. So we had lovely food, a bit of craft and lots of video watching made possible by YouTube and CarnivalTV to in keep in touch with some of the events.

  • Angelo contracted a fever in the early hours of Monday morning and has been unwell since then, but he is slowly coming out on the other side. But he’s very sensitive and wants lots of cuddle… totally understandable.

Valentina @10 weeks

  • I’ve just about managed not to lose my rag due to the patience and sweet smiles of my baby girl Valentina. (Sometimes its rough being alone with kids when they both want me  at the SAME TIME… who do I run to first?!)
So that’s  me… Wuz UP? How you doin’. Hit me back…


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