Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I’ve been away from this blog hop for a while and boy have I missed it! I’ve been busy catching up on blog projects, correspondence and my usually 24/7 as SAHM. Additionally, the last couple of weeks have been rough. I’ve had a ‘monkey on my back’. We’ll he’s still there. Some days I’m less aware of his presence. It has to be said, staying home with my kids full-time, sleep deprivation with very little respite is getting the better of me. There are days when I hardly know myself, I’m so far away from where I thought I’d be at this stage in my life. When I get down and blue it’s easy to forget there are amazing things happening in my life on a regular basis. So its time to say THANK YOU! This week, I’m cheerful  because:


  1. Angelo turned 3 years on Monday! We’ve had some rough times together and to be honest I mostly remember him crying and fussing as a baby but now he’s a little boy. He’s a sweet, sensitive, kind little boy who tells me I look pretty when I get dressed up, he’ll ask his dad if his feeling headache is gone or say ‘my sister my best friend’. Sure he has tantrums, he’s rough with his sister sometimes and will not share toys with his friend but that’s all part of the age and stage he’s in
  2. Valentina finally  has teeth!!! She has two. Its a bit strange how is come out. One the bottom the top but hey, she has cute little teeth.
  3. My blog is currently being redesigned. I’m really excited and looking forward to see the results.
  4. image by Visual Marvelry

In a few weeks I hit the big 40! I’m not scared, Uh-uh!  I’m pleased to say that in spite of my life trials, I’m healthy and continue to live a life that is blessed in many ways. To mark the occasion I’ll be treating myself to the award winning RedVolutionary cake by Cake Liberation

So that’s me, how you doin’?

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