This week has been very busy, as our flat continues to be viewed. I’ve also two lovely sessions to attend with the kids at our local children’s centre. I’m aching but overall, I’m happy. I’m almost afraid to say I’m happy because whenever I’m happy it means theirs a bun in the oven… NO that’s not the case. Its just feels a bit scary being HAPPY for no one reason.

This week I’m cheerful because:

– I attended my first ever messy play session with the kids and it was fun! Messy but fun. Valentina was almost covered in jelly which meant that I was covered in jelly. Angelo rode on bikes and did some water play. I was especially proud to see him looking after to younger ones, sharing the water play toys.

– I give myself permission to exhale and enjoy the ride of looking for a new home with my husband and kids. I even came up with a wish list.

– Valentina took first steps with the aid of a walker this week. She just got up and walked for a few seconds. The look on her face was priceless. She was so proud. Since then she periodically get up and walks with walker.

– My appetite has come back. Since becoming a mum my apeppite has not been good, due to anxiety and other reasons. I’ve noticed about one month ago that slowly I was starting to eat like I uses to. I’m glad it because I think it means that I’m further in the tunnel and closer to the light.

So that’s me. How has your week been?


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