Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week has be a busy one. I’ve been helping a friend prepare to move house, while also getting my head around the fact that we will be moving at some point too. We don’t know where will be moving to yet, its early days with potential buyers looking at our flat etc. Through into the mix that I attended a blogger event in Central London last night and before you know it the week is almost gone!

This week I am cheerful because:

  • I’m also cheerful that Valentina’s christening had a good turn out last week and we all have a lovely Chinese buffet lunch with dear friend and family.
  • I was able to capture Valentina in a photo standing unaided. It’s a fuzzy picture but I wanted to capture it for her dad as he always misses it. Its tough on dad they miss so much when the are working hard away from home
  • A dear friend of mine is getting married! I’m so excited you’d think it was my wedding. Like me she’s very romantic and their tale is a lovely one. I wish them many happy years together
Image from Pinterest via  Master Waller & Rachel Waller
  • I love the moon! Thanks to my son’s nursery I found out that today is the Chinese Moon festival. On a good night we can’t see the moon from our flat, so there is no chance of seeing it tonight. Instead Angelo and I used our torch that projects astral images and waved it around in this dark bedroom after story time. 
  • He’s now fast asleep. I’m cheerful for that too… keeping my fingers crossed that hubby finds us some moon cake later tonight.
How are you? What’s your week been like?


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