Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Lack of sleep in really catching up with me. I was so shattered last night, that I didn’t even know when hubby and later our son Angelo joined me in bed. Instead of waking less Valentina at 4 months now wakes more, perhaps its her teething perhaps its her growing appetite most likely both. Let’s not forget that Angelo still wakes at night, so I’m pretty much a zombie with shedding hair…

In spite of the above I’m cheerful today:

  • I was naughty and a bit of retail therapy. Yes there maybe a pattern developing but at least it’s easy on the hips. I got myself a biker jacket and a new scarf. Practical… no? 

  • I went into Central London today, on en route I picked up a copy of one of my favourite magazines AND! I had a chance to read most of it, bar a few articles I wanted to leave for later
  • Since becoming a mother 2 years ago there hasn’t been much that moves me food-wise. Perhaps due to lack of time and peace to linger on a dish and savour the flavours, BUT TODAY,  I had an orgasmic chocolate brownie. In fact, it was SO good if I had no shame I would’ve done my own version of Meg Ryan’s restaurant climax scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Its not much but for now these little treats have really cheered me up. How about you? What you been up to? What’s put a smile on your face? Drop by, see Michelle at Mummy from the heart and hook up to the blog up. Not a blogger… well, we still want to know how you are.


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