Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

As I type my throat aches, my body aches… I’ve got Tonsillitis, not surprised I a bit run down but I’m in good spirits.

I’m cheerful because:

Dressed and ready for her shots
  • While I hate taking my kids to have their vaccines, it also marks a new milestone for them, they are getting older. Valentina had her 3 months vaccinations. Mercifully, her dad took her because I usually cry more that the baby. She such a little trooper she had no pain relief and was has been pretty much her usual  smiley self.
  • I attended to blog events this week, they both took place on Tuesday which meant that I had the entire day out in Central London. More on those events in another post. I usually feel like a deer trapped in headlights when I get to Central London but love popping in from time to time all the same. So the cobwebs have been dusted off of my brain, untill the next time.

  • I’ve found a new BRIGHT lippy colour and I’m in love. It’s called Passionate and is part from the Emotional Brilliance makeup range by Lush Cosmetics. It has its own little affirmation: ‘feel strongly’. This may sound trivial but for me its a big deal. Perhaps is old age, perhaps its being the mother to a baby girl, perhaps it down to the beauty bloggers I now follow but I’m really getting into my femininity and enjoying it. Later this year I’ll be hitting the big 40 and I’m finally learning to truly embrace my being a woman and all things girl. Its so great and I feel truly liberated.

How has your week been? Are you cheerful?


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