Honestly this years is whizzing by. I sometimes feel that I’m wishing my children’s life away, because I want them to grow fast admittedly for ‘selfish’ reasons: FREEDOM. Thankfully, I don’t feel like that every day and I do there are times I embrace the now, as I know soon enough they truly will be grown.

I’m cheerful because:

  • Last week I stole away and went out not once, not twice but THREE times CHILD FREE. I get precious little time to myself. Now, 28 months into motherhood I feel a bit stir-crazy sometimes. Hubby looked after the kids and I went out. I managed to see OZ The Great And Powerful. The last time I went to cinema the last Harry Potter movie was showing. I also had an impromptu Mother’s Day dinner with my mate Chelsea. We had a lovely catch up.

  • Valentina is now 3 months old. It seems she will be quite a litter chatter box. When she’s awake she fills the flat with the most delightful baby sounds. Her smiles and loving looks simply melt my heart.Of course she cries and fusses at times like any other baby but only when sometimes not right.

  • Angelo is really using his little imagination now. I love listening to him sing his version of nursery. His version of Ole MacDonald, ” Farmer and chicken! E I E I O!”. Then there is 5 Five Little Ducks, “Mama quack quack, Oh no! What happen! And none came home”. This song he says “quack quack far away very sad”, that’s his way of telling me he thinks the 5 Little Ducks is a sad song. He now makes me pretend tea and lunch, its all so very sweet. And as any mother would be I adore his Duplo creations.
  • Yesterday, I had my turn in the kitchen to assist with the lunch preparation for the support group I attend with the kids. I really enjoyed it and I feel I’m part of the mama gang now. Best of all, I feel we are making progress as a family, the kids and

How has your week been? Why not join this blog hop. Pop over and hook up via Claire at Seasider in the City


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