I’ve not linked up for a while, I apologies for that.  Essentially, we’ve been fine but I had a rough patch of the blues and frustration. The situation has not changed but I found talking and blogging about my feelings  has freed me from  chains of resentment… for now anyway. The kids are doing fine and although we are still unpacking things in our new home feels like ours now.

This week I’m cheerful because:

  • Slowly slowly our home is beginning to feel like home, the kids room only need a few additional touches to me it child-friendly and the dinner room has finally be cleared of boxes
  • I recently noticed that one of the ‘bushes’ outside our home has blossomed flower. I think they are roses and they smell divine. Its a lovely cheery yellow which really lifts my spirits.


  • Today I cooked and setup our table for the kids and I have to lunch together. Seems like a simple task but its difficult for me to get the simplest things done. The kids are going through a very clingy patch the follow me around hold onto my legs cry  for my attention. its draining. They are still adjusting to their new home. As a result, any simple home tasks I complete I feel proud.
  • I’ve trimmed and highlighted my hair. I wanted a mild look update and I’m very happy with it. My hair looks fuller now.

Well that’s me. How about you? How have you been? What’s making you cheerful this week?

Reasons to be Cheerful


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