My cup runneth over this week! I’m tired and achy but I’m so happy. Our family break to Centre Parcs Longleat was a success. We are now back at home and  a little bit blue but that’s the mark of a successful holiday.

I’m cheerful because:

– The kids had a wonderful time on holiday. Its helped them to bond more because the spent time playing together

– Angelo has grown in confidence because he had a chance to play and explore on his own a bit in a safe environment

– Brief as it was, hubby and I had a little time together having fun like kids at the pool and water slides. (The kids were at the Time Out Club)

– We had a lovely day at Longleat Safari Park. It was scary but amazing to see such powerful beasts up close! And the adventure playground was a real treat.

– It was such a blessing to have an entire week breathing in fresh air surrounded by nature.

That was my week, how about you? How was your week? How are you feeling?


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