Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Yesterday was a divine day! The sun was out in all its GLORY.  When the sun is out all seems good and right in the world.

So, on that note, I’m cheerful because:

  • I’ve enjoyed a few days of sunshine
  • Yesterday my good mate Mr.N spent his day off with Valentina and I, in order for me to have some adult conversation for a change and a bit of fresh air in good company.

  • I had a lovely stroll along the South Bank with Mr. N and Valentina. It was warm enough for me to take her out of the buggy without a blanket. She was like a little meerkat, looking left and right absorbing the sights and sounds. It made me realise I need to take her out more. Clearly she wants more stimulation now.

  • While on my stroll I had a musical treat from the various singer/musicians who were preforming on the South Bank. I thoroughly enjoyed the uplifting sound of Mairead Carlin. She was performing near the Derry-Londonderry booth. If you didn’t know Derry-Londonderry is the UK City of Culture for 2013, visit the City of Culture website for the programme of events they have in store. I leave you with the sound of Mairead…

That’s me, why are you cheerful this week?


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