Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Yeah! The SUN IS OUT! I’ve not taken part in this blog hop for a while, and its not because we been doing badly but the reverse actually. The weeks have been whizzing by and its getting hardier to stay on top of family events and blog related things. We’ve been busy, having fun and YES I’m still sleep deprived.

This week, I’m celebrating my children’s milestones:

  • Valentina is now rolling over, standing and trying to traverse. No signs of sitting yet, but then again that would been staying still and watching the world go by. NOT FUN.
  • I can really see Valentina’s personality coming through.  For a while I thought she’d be very quite, but in the last couple of weeks she’s showing me what she’s made up. FEISTY. I’ve been trying to sleep train and its going badly her cries of rage and banging of the feet are making me reconsider. And should big brother approach her and she’s not in the mood she give a fierce cry, I think he’s chucked her over one time too many his cards are marked with her. All in all we not have as smooth a ride as I thought we’d have with her, but that’s ok. I don’t want either of my kids to be a push-over.
  • Angelo is now in potty training. We’ve had some accidents but he wants his big-boy pants, so we persevere.
  • I’m pleased to say Angelo is much better playing, sharing and looking after his sister.  It will never be ideal but  I think he knows she’s here for good. Whenever she’s out of sight he’ll ask “where’s the baby”. When he wakes up he goes to her cot.

What’s been happening with you? How have you been spending your time in the sun?


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