Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


We have been blessed with many days of sunshine and I’m happy for that. I think this is the best summer I’ve had for a long time. I’m not pregnant, the babies are out and I feel that slowly slowly I’m feeling stronger to cope. I’ve been out with the kids a fair bit for me that is and we’re having fun together.

This week I’m cheerful for:



  • Our NEW super king bed with medium firm mattress has arrived. We bought it via eBay for quite a few hundred pounds cheaper than it was going for at the bed stores. It really is best to go to the source, in this case the  maker. I no longer wake with aches and pains, there are no more creaks every time someone turns in bed and I’m not TOO close to the edge when Angelo joins us in bed before dawn. Our last bed was bought when we moved into our marital home. After 7 years,  2  home moves (dismantling and re-mantling) and 2 kids, she was worn out. It was sad to say goodbye but it was time for a new bed. Too bad the new one has done nothing for Hubby’s snoring.
  • I was learnt a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner to trial and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally shampooed our bedroom and living room carpets. Potty training has been going ‘potty’ and our living room carpet in particular was starting to retaliate with unpleasant smells. Funnily enough, I’ve been bunged up with cold for two weeks. I can’t tell how good a job I did but hey, the carpet has been cleaned and it looks good.



  • The kids more often than not getting along which means I can leave them to their own devices for a few moments at a time. Those moments I steal to do a bit of cleaning. I feel much better when  my home has been cleaned. Its as though clearing out the clutter and cleaning mirror shines a light into my soul.



  • This year we are returning to Center Parcs for our family holiday! I’m so excited its my third stay but second time to the Longleat site and I’M NOT PREGNANT! I’ll be to enjoy all of Aqua Sana, while the kids are in the Children’s Club. AND I can feast on a LARGE omelette from Pancake House. I’m easy to please really; rest… good food and I’m happy. I’m counting the weeks to our visit.

So that’s me. How have you been? How has your week been? What are you cheerful about?




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