Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Here I am AGAIN behind schedule but I really wanted to link up to this the R2BC blog hop, so you’ll know how we are doing.

After speaking to a  couple mummy mates of mine, on last Tuesday I decided to try a new night-time routine with the children. Granted I didn’t follow everything they said to the letter, I feel that I have to give my version of things a try. My feeling that that going ‘cold turkey’ and totally changing how we do things would have  been harder for three of us. I finally feel like… baby step … baby step, I’m coming out of the wood. I’m no where never the clearing but I can see a shaft of light that fills me with hope.  I’m cheerful because:

  • I had to confidence to make a change with Angelo and Valentina’s night-time routine. On night one, I spoke to Angelo and explained to him how our nights will go for a ‘long  long time’. He listed and acknowledge what I said to best of his 2 years 9 months ability. Its very VERY early days but so far so good. I’ve managed to both kids in bed and asleep by 9pm
  • The age gap is quickly closing between Angelo and Valentina. Val more and mobile and what contradicts that is she’s more clingy for want of a better word. Yet still I manage to get her and Angelo to play for a few moments at a time. When they play with out squabbling its beautiful to witness. Its in those moments I run around catching up on household chores AND COOK!
  • I’m over the moon that I managed to cook 3 MEALS for my family this week. I’m over the moon and back again that.
  • Even though plans fall through and we get let down, as  family we are growing and maturing into a tight unit. We surround ourselves with love for each other.
SO, that’s me. How about you?


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