We love games at The Tiger Tales HQ. We recently trialled the game Quirky by Cheatwell Games, it was such much fun. The box states the game is aimed at ages 10+ years, while the website states 8+ years.  I played with Angelo and Valentina who are a bit younger. The questions were so varied and random which made it engaging. Quirky is as quirky does.

What’s in the box?

Quirky comes with a selection of question cards which has over 1,000 questions, along with a number die, sand timer and rules. The game is compact and can easily be packed into baggage for away days, weekend breaks and holidays.  The more players the merrier, its suitable for 3+ players.

Player, Player…

Quirky by name and quirky by nature. I love the apparent randomness of the questions. At the start of the game, players decide how long the game will last. The eldest player starts the game by being the questioner… so, guess who that was. Ah well. Because the kids are still little we went for 20-30 minutes long games which was ideal for us.

Gift of the Gab

Quirky has no right or wrong answers. Make the Questioner believe your answer is legit, and your the question card. Do you like a challenge? Players can challenge the response given by fellow player, if their response is accepted by the question, say adios to your card. The player with the most cards by the end of the agreed game time wins!  Funny thing is Angelo chats too much. He made me laugh. I had to remind mind him to stop explaining just respond to questions because his time was running out!

I did give the children some leeway with their answers. For example when asked to say good bye in three languages Angelo said ‘Ni hao’, ‘Ciao’ and ‘Hola’. I accepted it. When asked to name a TV show with one word in the title Valentina said Moana, I also accepted her response.

Quirky can be educational as well. In instances when the children could not think of a response, I told them the correct answer. They could store that in their little memory banks. No doubt, as time goes why, they will not need my help and will grow to be confident players.


Quirky is a quick fire game that family and friends can enjoy together. Older players will revel in challenging and stealing each others cards. The game RRP £14.99. Visit Cheatwell Games website for further details.



Please note the product was provided for the purpose of this review, however, the opinions are my own.


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