We’ve had a fair amount of sun for the summer so far, but then there are those rainy days… a parent’s dread. What to do with the children when they can’t go outdoors? My children love books. They relish story time but again, there are only so many stories you can happily read in one sitting. Then there is the added challenge of finding something that will appeal to a boy and a girl. Fortunately, I discovered some fun books on the Usborne Books website. In the end, I settled on a sticker book and a puzzle book. Angelo and Valentina love stickers and they are competitive with each other. I trialled Usborne Books’ Make a Picture Sticker Book Castles and Picture Puzzle Book both children had fun.

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I’m quite fond of Make a Picture Sticker Book Castles. It’s not a girl’s or a boy’s book. My children and I love castles. When on holiday we usually try to find a castle to explore, so this sticker book was a good choice. There are different types of castles in various settings. The pages are made from good quality glossy paper. It’s easy to remove a sticker and reposition it. There is also the right balance of allowing the child to use his or her own imagination along with helpful guiding. Angelo enjoyed creating a jousting scene. Valentina and I worked on a fairy tale castle. I dare say I enjoyed it as much as she did. Then, we all worked on the creepy castle scene. It’s a fun and calm way to spend some time together indoors whether or not it’s a rainy day.

creepy castle Usborne Sticker books

We trialled Usborne’s board Picture Puzzle Book which features wild animals, bird, insects and other beasts from the animal kingdom.We had such an awesome time trying to spot the required animal and insects. The book is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colours, and craftily hidden critters. It’s hard cover and the pages are light board with a smooth slightly glossy surface. Easy to wipe-down if sticky fingers touch it. I admit that it this book even challenged my eyes. We all had fun teasing each other while try to find the critters. This book encourages children use their observation skills to spot small differences between things and find cleverly hidden creatures. It was an opportunity for Valentina to see new and interesting animals like the toucan and chameleon.  Angelo liked the insect pages. He thought they had pretty colours and patterns.

It’s a joy to be able to mix up the types of books children are exposed to. Stories are fun but it’s also wonderful for them to have books that they can explore and play with on their own. I explored the Make a Picture Sticker Book Castles and Picture Puzzle Book with Angelo and Valentina because they like me to be involved. I would say both books are suitable for 3+ years. They are both durable. They can be played with indoors, outdoors or even be taken on a road trip. The sticker book cost £5.99 on the Usborne website  and the hardback puzzle book is £9.99.

For information on Ubsorne Books and their other products, please visit their website. You are sure to find something to entertain your children for the summer vacation.


Please note, this is not a sponsored post. The books were supplied by the publisher for the purpose of this review. They have no influence over this review or the content of the blog.


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