Recently, I responded to the Insta call for testers to trial Purity London’s new skincare range.  Currently, milks seem to be popular cleansers for sensitive skin but I just can’t get uses to it. I still prefer a foam or wash.  I was in the mood for a change, so, I was hoping that Purity would be gentle enough for my daily use. They gifted me three full sized products from their range which I trialled for one month. Purity London has been really good to my skin.


Purity London

Purity London is a British organic skincare brand. Their ethos is ‘Less means more’ which is why they use a few highly effective ingredients. Purity London is gently on the skin and kind to the environment.

At the core of the new range is the mighty aloe vera plant, which has been used since ancient times in skin care. Purity London uses aloe vera for its healing and anti-bacterial properties. I used the gel directly from the plant, throughout my twenties as mask. It was great at unclogging my pores and tightened my skin leaving a healthy glow.

Purity London Face Wash


The Trial

My skincare regime is different to most. I use facial cleansers at night, followed by a night moisturizer (occasionally an exfoliator and toner in between). In the mornings, I wash my face with water then follow with a day moisturizer. My skin type is mature dry and sensitive, so, I keep my regime as simple as possible.

I enjoyed using all Purity London products. The Facial Wash (RRP£8.99) had a gel consistency that reminded me of raw aloe vera but when combined with water it created a mild foam. Along with aloe vera, it contains sweet almond oil and glycerine derived from plant based sugars. Then, I followed with Purity London Exfoliator (RRP £9.98). It surprised and thrilled me. The consistency was creamy with fine particles. It’s made from coconut oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera mixed combined with ground coconut shell. After using the exfoliator my skin felt smooth and had a look lovely glow. My night regime concluded with the application of my usual night moisturizer from another organic brand.

In the morning, after cleaning my face with water, I applied the Moisturiser (RRP £12.98). I really liked the rich creamy consistency. The ingredients included coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. It left my face feeling moisturized with a matte effect, not shiny like some moisturizers can do. However, the moisture didn’t always last throughout the winter day. I think oily skin types could benefit from this type of moisturizer. As for me, it’s a product that would be better used in the summer when my skin gets a bit oily.

All of the products were fragrance free which is a bonus for sensitive eczema prone skin. No need to feel left out guys.  you should like this one; its fragrance free with gender neutral packaging.



Overall, as a range, I’m very pleased with Purity London. If you are concerned about what goes into your skincare products and/or have sensitive skin, I’d recommend Purity. It’s simple, no nonsense and effective skincare.

Visit their website for more information.



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