Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although, Angelo is much better at eating his meals, I feel if I get breakfast right he’ll be fine if he doesn’t have a full lunch. He doesn’t have cereal at every breakfast. Sometimes, he’ll have it cereal as a dry snack to pick at while playing. He’s a highly charged toddler so I do my best to manage his sugar intake. We recently tried the new lower sugar and whole grain range of cereals by Kellogg’s with much success.


In the new better for you Kellogg’s kids cereals there are the following types:
  • Coco Pops Croc Prints
  • Rice Krispies Multi Grain Shapes Strawberry
  • Honey Loops
  • Honey Pops


They are made with wholegrain, high in fibre and are a source of vitamin D (25 % of the recommended daily amount)


No surprise, Angelo is partial to the chocolate Croc Prints because it’s CHOCOLATE. He’ll request “more more chocolate cereal”.  I’m glad he can have his chocolate wish met in a healthy way with the sugar rush. Angelo’s little mate Master L tried the Honey Hops. He enjoys his as a dry snack alternative to biscuits.  OK, I’ll confess, I had some too.  My favourite is the Honey Pops because they enjoy their crunchy texture in cold milk.
The cereals RRP as follows: Rice Krispies Multi Grain Shapes Strawberry 325g £2.60; Coco Pops Croc Prints 350g £2.39; Honey Loops and Honey Pops 335g £2.69

For your chance to will all four of these new cereals, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post along some form of contact (e.g. Twitter address). Tell us how do you and your family have your cereal? Hot? Cold? What fancy combinations do you make?

Giveaway closes midnight Friday 5thApril. This giveaway is only open to UK residents only. The winner will receive the products directly from Kellogg’s.


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