I tend to pre-shampoo (pre-poo) my hair at least once per month, more if time permits. As a rule, I’d use oil that I already have in the kitchen to save on cost but sometimes I use jojoba or castor oil if I have any.  My favourite oil is coconut, partly because it reminds me of my homeland and my youth but also for its ability to seal in moisture. There are many more benefits, click here  to view one article I found. On washday I warm the oil and apply to my hair (I don’t add water to my hair it makes me sneeze… a random thing), then I use plastic wrap from the kitchen followed by  a plastic bag to cover my hair and allow my body heat to do this thing while I get on with housework.  Let’s just say that washdays are not cute days for me. Last October, during the Cyber Monday sales I decided to treat myself to a HairTherapyWrap. I bought it from Shea Butter Cottage. I’m still undecided about the effectiveness of the HairTherapyWrap.


hair therapy

Generally the HairTherapyWrap has more pros with only one con, in my opinion but its a vital one. I like that it’s cordless, portable and stores easily. It does not require much electricity beyond having to heat up the gel pads for a few seconds. I’m able to do any heat required hair treatment with it. As a natural hair wearer, I have no fear of using heat for treatments or styling (but I don’t straighten my hair). I think if heat protection is applied, my hair should be fine. If anyone knows better do let me know. I’m not professional but I’ve been to salons long enough to pick up a few tricks along the way.

As a SAHM, I’m home most days so heat is only applied to my hair on washday whether is to treat and/or dry hair.  I feel that the pads don’t get hot enough. Admittedly, I’m comparing the wrap to my memory of salon treatments with a hair steamer. Is that a fair comparison, maybe not? I confess that I have gone over the recommended heating advice, but I don’t advise that. As natural hair blogger Angel reminded me, the gel pads can pop.  I will say this, the HeatTherapyWrap works better than the home treatments with the ole plastic wrap and heated towel.

(As an aside, I don’t like the fabric the cap is made of) My hair always looks and feels great, after a pre-shampoo treatment (or deep condition) with the wrap. It has the ‘swish-factor’.

The photos below were taken last washday when I did a pre-shampoo treatment with coconut oil.


hair therapy

Have you used a heat wrap? How do you use yours? Are you happy with the results? Do I have unrealistic expectations of this product? I’ve love to hear from you.


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