Phillipa Fairy Cake


I recently received the Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret Pets’ Tea Party picture book to review with Angelo. At the mention of cake and (tea) party he was interested.  He loves being read to. He usually brings me a large pile of books at night. I thought this book was suited to a day time read so I read it to him one afternoon. However, his attention waned after a few minutes. I think he’s best suited for shorter stories. Phillipa Fairy Cake is 32 pages (including title page, publisher’s info etc) not that there is too much text per page. Angelo still can’t focus on one thing for too long.  Once I lost interest his interest, he asked me for the book to ‘read it’ but what he really wanted to do was look at the pictures. The illustrations in the book are amazing, VERY eye catching. Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret pets’ Tea Party is a delightful tale of children’s adventure.

The Synopsis:

Phillipa loves fairy cakes. She loves them almost as much as she loves her pet cat, Little Miss Whiskers.

One day. Phillipa Fairy Cake and her friends Isabella and Toby, decide to host a Pets’ Tea Party in the garden. Suddenly, an unexpected series of events turns the tea party into a secret, magical adventure…

Author Sarahjane Funnell, Illustrated by Tamasine Baldwin

Bits I liked:

I adore Phillipa’s cool clever confident personality. It’s always a pleasure find a book with a heroine. The illustrations are slightly quirky but lovely. There is a wonderful use of colour and textures that will appeal to young reader and book-lovers. It will certainly be a hit with animal lovers.

Bits Angelo liked:

He loved the illustrations and the mention cake, a (tea) party and the pets.

In my opinion, Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret Pets’ Tea Party maybe best suited for 4+ age group (its targeted to 3-6 yrs). Phillipa Fairy Cake is available at Gardners Wholesaler, Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon and Independent book shops. For more information on Phillpa’s other adventures, please visit the website you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter. I should also add that, in celebration of the book Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret Pets’ Tea Party, Author Sarahjane Funnel has acknowledged the charity Dogs Trust. If would like find out more about Dogs Trust, make a donation or sponsor a dog, please visit the website.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post, however we were sent the book for the purpose of this review.


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