2016  Year of the Monkey on the Chinese calendar is truly living up to its forecast as a year of creativity and innovation. Fate has been taking too along a path over the last few months to meet creative, inspirational women. It’s often said that women don’t support each other, but I’m pleased to say I’ve met some caring, nurturing, motivational women over the last few months. I’ve met writers, bloggers, artist and entrepreneurs who have astounded me by with their tenacity, forward thinking and willingness to share and support others. Although the day has gone, in celebration of Mother’s Day and International Women’s day, I want to tell you a bit about women who are stirring things up on their patch of green.



Dorothy Koomson


Some months are I was invited by Dorothy Koomson to join her and fellow fan to talk about her book That Girl From Nowhere, which is now out in paperback. Little did I know it would take me down memory lane and open up a part of my memory that I don’t often visit. It also allowed me to chat with fellow book lovers which is a treat I’ve never had before.

We made a short film during our time together but best of all was meeting Dorothy. I never like meeting people I’m a fan of, for fear I’d disappointed. I’m so overjoyed this was not the case with Dorothy. In fact once we got started, we just chatted about life. We were all so engrossed the production crew had to steer us back to talking about the book. That’s when you know you have met a kindred spirit. If she’d had given up at the first publisher rejection letter, our reading world would have had a gaping hole.

Dorothy’s books feature a diverse cast of mixed race friendships, mixed race lovers and interracial adoption but her focus is not never race. She delivers the characters’ stories, make if it what you will. People are people end of.


Dija Ayodele


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the launch of 3107 Skincare, earlier this month. At the helm of the brand is Dija Ayodele. I first became acquainted with Dija via her professional skincare blog Dija’s World. Finally a year later I met her my first Curlvolution natural hair event. I’m not a huger but Dija converted me. She give the very best hug, it was like long lost family kind of hug. 

Although I kept in touch via social media it was well over year, almost two before we saw each other again and that was when I learnt but 3107 was ready for launch. 3107 is handmade botanical skincare made with organic ingredients.  Dija has blended ‘affordability and indulgence to create effective and purposeful skincare’. The texture and fragrance are sublime.

It’s been inspiring to see Dija move from strength to strength, blogger, Facialist at The Model Zone for London Fashion Week 2014, writing for Psychologies and Spell Magazines.  Dija has built a business on her passion good quality affordable gentle skincare.



Hazel Chawapiwa

Which leads me onto seeing my ole work mate shine a network event for her organisation 2inspire Network, last night. It was an exclusive event at the flagship store for Lucy Choi (niece of Jimmy Choo) London. The theme was ‘Stepping Out’. It was a night where Hazel and guest speakers shared their stories about stepping out of the darkness adversity to follow their dreams.  The stood firmly in their own space and light to empower their peers and budding entrepreneurs.

Maria Alvino said if you are a dreamer be an entrepreneur but advised to ask for help. She quoted from American author, Wilfred Peterson, to remind us to walk with cheerful doers and visionaries. While Margaret Aberdeen advised have a relationship with yourself, know yourself. She said build business on what you are passionate about but what stuck with me most was her closing comment ‘your thoughts are your destiny’.

From Lucy Choi we learnt that although we may start on the road set for us by others we can still find our wings fly towards future we envision for ourselves. Lucy Choi’s passion and business is all about luxurious footwear at an affordable price.


So, let’s hear it for the ladies who love, lead and look towards future were women continue to lift each other up.

Who are the inspirational women in your life? Please share you story, leave a comment below.



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