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So… I’ve been stewing over resolutions for 2013 for days now and I kept coming up with blanks. Usually, I have my New Year’s resolutions sorted by day 4 or 5 at the latest. However, with a new baby and a very sensitive toddler to manage, it seems as though I have limited head space for deep thinking. Then! Last night, after having the benefit of a half decent night’s sleep, I woke with the question: What is the purpose of having a resolution??? Well for me it’s for aspects of my life that I wish to develop and help me be a better me. So, this year, I’m drafting a mini personal development plan.

A personal development plan is an action plan that focuses on the areas that one wishes to improve. I see myself as a work in progress and I’m always searching for ways to do better be better. As a mother and individual, I believe in leading by example. Based on my current limited resources here’s my short and simple plan for 2013:

Box 1

What am I good at?

Box 2

What do I need to work on?

§  Customer service

§  Focusing on the end goal

§  Interpersonal skills

§  Networking skills (Fair)

§  Organizing

§  Prioritizing tasks

§  Time management

§  verbal communication

§  Assertiveness

§  Baking (bread, cakes etc)

§  Blog Brand

§  Confident Parenting

§  Dress Size

§  Driving

§  Self-confidence

§  Writing Style

Box 3

What could help me along?

Box 4

What might stop me?

§  Courses & Support Groups

§  Friends & Acquaintances in with experience

§  Healthy Eating and exercise

§  Relevant Books

§  Childcare

§  Finance

§  Procrastination

§  Transportation

§  Discipline

A drafting a personal development plan is a relatively complex process, however I’ve chosen to make mine simple as its only for one year and I want to be realistic and achievable.  Here’s to better, happier me… 


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