Kidtropolis: the fun place

During October half-term week, The Tiger Tales was booked to visit Kidtropolis.  Then, Hubby and Angelo fell ill. In the end Valentina and I went together. If you didn’t know, Kidtropolis is an annual kids show held at London Excel. At the event there were...

A death in the neighbourhood

It’s often said it takes a village to raise a child; that certainly was the case in my life. When I was able to read in write, I became the scribe for my grandmother. Many times her letters to her children overseas, my aunts and uncles, were usually about...

On being a black mother…

When I saw that Motherhood- Reconstructed was hosting an event on Raising Excellence, I knew it was an event I needed to attend. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so.  Then, Today, I managed to catch Tamu Thomas’ (one half of Motherhood-Reconstructed) video on her...



Every woman should have a place where they can freely express themselves. And that place is their journal. #HeartSassSoul

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Hi! I’m Maria. My family and I live in London but I’m originally from Trinidad, West Indies. My beloved and I got married in 2006. He’s Chinese/Italian. When we decided to increase our family, the first inevitable question was ‘what the child would look like?’... [ + ]


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