Having two children under the age of three is not easy, as you can imagine. If like me, you have one child who has the energy of a Duracel battery and strength of Baby Bam Bam Rubble, the odds are certainly stacked against you. I’ve often written about how challenging it is to be a expat parent, especially one who can’t drive. I had been learning when I was pregnant with Valentina but that went on the window as my bump grew. So how do I deal with the aches, pains, isolation, tantrums and tiredness : paracetamol and constant prayers for patience.

Mercifully, slowly slowly with the speed of a snail on a hot summer’s day my prayers are being answered. I’ve written about Angelo’s growing interest in toys and imaginative play. He’s also developing a sense of humor . Unfortunately, sometimes its rough being on the receiving end of his humor. You know the times when he thinks strangulation is for fun or canon-ball dives onto dives onto my tummy is hilarious.  Then again, there are times when he looks at YouTube and giggles at the antics of another child on a family video, or he pretend snores mocking his dad sleeping, its a joy to witness. 
charity shop treasures
This morning we went for a walk and wandered into our local charity shop… as you do. It’s true that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. I found some good stuff for Angelo today. Amongst the things I bought was a very feminine looking Disney Mega Blocks. I liked the blocks and I was curious to see what he’d make because he loves building stuff. Funnily enough the thing he seemed to get the most fun out of so far was a little Finnair airplane. 
Airplane flying
As I eavesdropped on his playtime I heard him talking about “Pippin flying in a plane” and that “lady flying plane” followed by his plane engine sound effec. So CUTE! I soon realised that he was thinking about the CBeebies programme Come Outside with Auntie Mabel. He sometimes asks to watch it on the iPad. I was thrilled to see him swooping and swerving his airplane in the air making his little boy voice sound effects. 
Yes he’s still VERY demanding. As I type  my wrest is still aching with a strain from lifting him AND his sister to avoid a jealous tantrum. He still relies on me to fall asleep. We are co-sleeping for half the night. he still has nightmares and let’s not forget the 3 am request “MILK! MILK! Make it mummy, make it!”. BUT,  I can see we are getting somewhere and as I a side I can thank him for helping me to shift my baby weight. RESULT!

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