Over the summer, Palmer’s launched a new range with coconut oil as one of its key ingredients. Palmer’s has been a trusted brand of mine since my childhood. I grew up using their coco butter. That butter helped me banish many a nick and scratch on my legs and knees that cease to cute as a teenager. In adulthood, after moving to the UK I switched to the Shea Formula. Naturally, when I was introduced to the Coconut Oil Formula (with monoi oil) at Curlvoltution’s Curl Talk cocktail event, I was ecstatic. After the event, Palmer’s kindly sent me products from the range for me to trial and review. On this occasion, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula range was a hit and miss for me.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula contains gorgeous oils that promote hydration and softness. The key ingredients are: Coconut Oil, Monoï Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Oh and the fragrance is divine! I liked to use them at the end of the day as a pick me up. They can work well together or on their own. The rich luscious texture and gorgeous cookies and cream smell could make any crap day end on a self-indulgent note.


The range 

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula range comprises of:

  • Body Lotion
  • Body Oil
  • Body Cream
  • Hand Cream


So why did I say its hit and miss? While I like the range as a whole, only some of the products worked for me. They were not as hydrating as their creamy texture would make you expect. My favourite products in the range were the hand lotion and body oil. However, this not likely to be the experience of other users.


Eczema Prone Skin

I believe the products are best for normal skin, not problem prone skin like mine. Some of you may already know that suffer from bouts of eczema flare ups. I had hoped after from my last flare up, the creams would improve the moisture of skin but it was not sufficient.

  • Body Oil– worked best for me just after a shower to lock the moisture into my skin. It’s so scrumptious. The oil is dispensed via spray nozzle. It glades on well, a little goes a long way and it absorbs easily. No greasy look.
  • Hand Cream– it’s so rich but absorbed early quickly without leaving my hand sticky. I could moisturise and delve back into my chores or laptop work

There’s also a Cocoa Butter Formula that’s coconut rich which comes as a Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion. I quite like that as well. I used it on occasions when I was pressed for time. It was easy to grab moisturise and go.  The nozzle dispense the lotion in a strong flow, covering a wide area of skin. Quick dab and it quickly absorbs into the skin. I would say it’s best for day time moisture. I used it once during the night by next morning my legs were a bit ashy.



Overall, I’m truly pleased that the brand I’ve known from childhood is growing from strength to strength. There are a vast selection of products for men, women and children. Best of all it continues to be innovative. It would be awesome of one day they had a range for eczema prone skin. I’d happily use the Coconut Formula again, but when my skin has settled.

For more information on Palmer’s Coconut Oil range, please visit their website.




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