Ever since I was a little girl, paisley print has been one of my favourite prints. Fortunately this SS13 paisley is on trend. I recently received a blouse from me & i to review and as luck would have it, it paisley print! Another bonus is the main colour of the blouse is cerise which is a colour that suits my complexion. Actually, cerise is a colour that can complement most complexions. me & i hit the mark with this cerise blouse which is from its SS13 collection.

As a breastfeeding mum, I struggle find tops that will allow me to easily breastfeed without much manipulation of my clothing. The blouse has four buttons down the front and it can be layered.
Paisley Print blouse
Valentina & I at a product launch
The loose fit is forgiving enough to camouflage the bits you don’t want to put on show without being frumpy. It rests on the hip, so it can be styled with a trouser or skirt. If you’re into fashion and function with a festive flair, this blouse is a must have.
Paisley Print Blouse
Valentina and & I visiting friends
I really like the sweet smocking stitch at the hem and wrists, very cute with hint a of romance.
Me basking in the sunshine

Other details about the blouse are: its single jersey, 50% cotton, 50% modal in Cerise/off-white. I confess I didn’t do a wash test but I’ve never had any problems with clothing from me & i. They always wash well and the colours stay just as vibrant.

If you fancy me & i clothing and have entrepreneurial aspirations, why not become a part of their sales team. Host a party to introduce the product to your customer base.  ‘Pernilla Kemp is their head of UK sales, she explains: “me&i operates a mum-to-mum selling business model, building on the pre-established networks which mums have cultivated since having children, from attending playgroups, through to primary school and beyond. We have found mums to be incredibly supportive of each other, willing to host parties and introduce people to the brand in order to help grow their friends’ businesses.’ If this sounds it could be you, click HERE  for more information.
Please note, this is not a sponsored post but I was sent the blouse for the purpose of reviewing it.



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