We first saw Painshill, under the twinkling of Christmas lights about 4 years ago. I found it thrilling. The kids thought it was a spooky because some spots were dark. Once we arrived at the crystal grotto, Santa’s presence made all their fears fade into awe. Recently I visited on a gorgeous sunny day, I visited the park. It was magical. Painshill park is what little nature explorers’ dreams are made of.


Origins Of Painshill

The park is dates back to 18th century. It was created by Hon. Charlies Hamitlon, who was painter, plantsman and designer, between 1738 and 1773. He was inspired by Renaissance art and his Grand Tour of Europe.

Plant life and follies have a magical symmetry at Painshill.

Personal Highlights On Visit To Painshill

Honestly, I was totally worn out by after walking up and down the slopes of Painshill but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Walking through the tall grass, spotting Common Blue butterflies, Banded Demoiselle and… OH!  The wildflowers, like oxeye daises, poppies and the like. Descending the slop from the Gothic Temple gave me a glimpse of the lake through trees. Such beauty my eyes beheld! Crossing Chinese Bridge looking at the swans glide by, then over the five arch bridge walking along the perimeter of the lake with the Turkish Tent set up  the hill above. For a brief moment, I truly thought I was in some enchanted place.


Things To See And Do At Painshill

Painshill is a destination that little kids and grownups will enjoy. Along the landscape you will see; Vineyard, The Amphitheatre, The Gothic Temple, The Crystal Grotto, The Mausoleum, The Waterwheel, The Temple of Bacchus, The Turkish Tent depending what walking route you take. I didn’t see all of them during my visit.

The park is 158 acres. A trip with kids would require adequate breaks for food, hydration and rest. Using their map you can go on a self-guided tour and go wildflower and bug spotting, as well as, sensory exploration. The park has many textures and sounds. I’m confident  as their imaginations take flight, kids will fall in love with the park,

Facilities At Painshill

There are accessible routes and toilets on site.  Parking is free. There’s a tea room but in fine weather having picnic will be just the ticket.  (Read their full guidelines to ensure you are complaint with them) Relax. Watch the swans and docks go by.

You can turn it into a mini break There are hotels in the area such as Hilton Cobham, Days Inn Cobham Wyndham and Premier. Other local attractions include: Brocklands Musuem (Webridge), Bocketts Farm and The Light Box (Woking), Brooklands Hotel & Spa and The Dermal Lounge (Weybridge).


Upcoming events

Over the summer hols there are interactive activities for children. When planning a visit have a look at their calendar. There’s Painshill Summer Weekend, Children’s Wild Summer Holiday Camp and Children’s Theatre. Grownups might be interested to know there are wellbeing events as well.

Getting To Painshill

Painshill is accessible via public transport Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon Station (2 miles).

Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge Station (within 5 miles). You can get a cab from either station to the garden.


For more information and tickets visit the Painshill website.



(updated 23rd June 2020)





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