Personal highlights from Weleda Insight 2019

‘In one handful of soil, there are more organisms than there are humans on earth.’...

Bioglan’s Beauty Collagen (sponsored by Bioglan)

One month ago, I did a seasonal cleanse. I’d never done one before but my skin was...

The Leaf & Cane Bar: rum, rhythm and good times

In my mind I'm a salsa dancer, never mind I’ve not perfected my moves.  I don’t know...

How sponsoring a girl makes a difference to her life

Sometimes it’s hard to be a girl. Especially a girl living in poverty. You have to...

World Afro Day: Big Hair Assembly

I attended the World Afro Day launch in 2017. I wanted to know the mission which as it...

W is for woman: personal highlights from Women Who Workout Healthy Eating Workshop

Food confession: I comfort eat. I eat when I’m sad, mad or bored. Sometimes, I eat...
West Beach Littlehampton

West Beach Littlehampton

It was so tempting to go to West Beach, Littlehampton, on Easter Sunday. In the end, we decided to go to the local pool. We already had our mini break which included lots of driving. The kids are simply happy to be outdoors anywhere. We had a wonderful...

4 hours in Canterbury

4 hours in Canterbury

Recently, we spent a day in Broadstairs and overnighted at Holiday Inn Express Canterbury. The hotel was about 12 mins drive from the City Centre. Hubby pre-booked parking in the City using the Just Park app, so we wouldn't be stressed the following day....

5 hours in Broadstairs Kent

5 hours in Broadstairs Kent

When hubby told me he had taken a few days off, while the kids were on Easter hols AND he wanted to go away for a couple days I knew our destination… Broadstairs.  It’s been ages since we’ve been to Kent. Broastairs has been on my list ages. He agreed and...

Guest Blog by Maryam al Serkal: getting beyond the parenting paradox “do as I say but not as I do”

Guest Blog by Maryam al Serkal: getting beyond the parenting paradox “do as I say but not as I do”

Last month the kids and I reviewed 'Mira's Curly Hair' by Maryam al Serkal and Rebeca Luciano. However, to celebrate the book's publication, The Tiger Tales is part of the 'Mira's Curly Hair' blog tour. Maryam has written us a guest post about her...

3 eye makeup tips for glasses wearers

3 eye makeup tips for glasses wearers

It may surprise you to know, I'm a glasses wearer. I wear glasses to read and with the joy of joys of maturing, every year I need a stronger prescription. I would say that I have almond shaped eyes but I’m also prone to under eye dark circles. Insneezia...


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