Keepsake quality clothing: Coast AW18

Coast is known  for their glamorous occasion wear. Come AW18 it’s no different. You...

To my Husband on Father’s Day

My Dearest, Whey! We are 8 years into our parenting journey and you never cease to...

Around the bend: St Pancras Waterpoint London

You never know what you will stumble upon while meandering around London. I fell in...

First hair salon experience: Valentina’s milestone

A few days ago, hubby pulled up some ole videos of our kids. While looking at them, it...

Married life — what costs do you need to consider?

Before the wedding, you’ll find that it’s all about saving! But, even after the big...

5 simple ways to stay connected in married life

Let’s be real sometimes, it’s hard to have a moment ourselves never mind trying to...
Stand Up for Clean Water with Aveda

Stand Up for Clean Water with Aveda

April is Earth Month. Aveda invites artists, partners and guests to support their Earth Month mission by purchasing the Aveda Light the Way CandleTM . Purchases will benefit clean water efforts. 100% RRP £16.00 less VAT will be donated to Global Green...

4 Things to do when you become an Expat

4 Things to do when you become an Expat

I saw a post on Instagram but I could not believe it. Migrants of the Windrush generation in the United Kingdom where being threatened with deportation. Before I had the chance to read a full article, my mum called from Trinidad and she asked about it....

Am I entitled to a holiday?

Am I entitled to a holiday?

By the last week of the school Spring term I was feeling drained. We had a family staycation planned and I was looking forward to it. As fate would have it, on the evening of the last day of school I fell ill. My Easter was spent was sick in bed. On the...

Bioglan’s Active Curcumin Tablets

Bioglan’s Active Curcumin Tablets

In January I began taking a supplement that had turmeric in it. I did so for a month and intermittently made smoothies with fresh turmeric. I’d read good things such as; regulating inflammation, keeps pimples at bay, clear pimples scars, fights sings of...

National Water Saving Week 2018

National Water Saving Week 2018

One of my bug bears is how much water people waste, by letting taps run. Running taps remind me of my childhood days spent scouting for water with other children from my village. The water pressure was too low to make it up to our houses on the hill.  We...


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