The development gap between Angelo and Valentina is closing fast. She catching up  to him, in every way. She’s 2 years 10 months and he’s 4 years 11 months old. She speaks full sentences now. She’s is quite stable on her legs and she loves to be rough and tumble. The competitiveness is on between them. Untill now she has struggled with scooting. I think the last scooter we bought was not appropriate for her age. She got frustrated. She now has an Oxelo B1 scooter and she’s blazing her own trail.

Assembling  Oxelo B1

The Oxelo B1 arrived in one large box and it required assembling. It came in two parts with screws. Hubby unpacked and assembled it for us it took about 10- 15 minutes. I noted that the scooter shell had grips on the surface which was reassuring. I knew it would give sure footing, when she stepped on. The handle bar also has a slightly bumpy surface which would aid in getting a better grip of the bar, without discomfort to delicate hands.

Once assembled it was ready to go. Valentina loved it from the first. It was easy for her to manoeuvre and that gave her confidence to scoot off.

Scooter Features

With its unique and patented steering system, the B1’s deck tilts precisely to provide the ideal balance for your child on each turn. This system prevents the child being thrown off balance when pushing forward or turning. It even helps children to develop their basic motor skills.’ Other features of the Oxelo B1:

  • Suitable for children aged 2 to 4 learning to balance on a scooter.
  • Its handlebar can be adjusted to 2 heights to suit your child’s age.
  • Customisations due to the coloured shells that you can fix straight onto the frame.

Benefits of Oxelo B1

Observing at Valentina using her scooter, I could see it was easier for her to handle.  It’s not foldable but, when she was tried, she was able to lift it and carry it until she was ready to scoot again.  She’s quite tall her for age but the handle is adjustable. In her toddler/little girl’s speak, Valentina she says she loves her scooter because “I can scoot!” and “I can go faster faster!” Here’s a demo of the first time Valentina tried her Oxelo B1 scooter.

The Oxelo B1 shell comes is five different colours. Little ones can help select their favourite colour when on checkout. This feature also means that you can give the scooter a new lease of life for siblings or a friend.  The shell is attached by five screws. The scooter RRP £22.99 and the shell RRP £2.99, on the Decathlon website. (NB Guarantee: 2 years excluding wear parts (wheels, bearings, etc.)

I would recommend the Oxelo B1 scooter, as a child’s first scooter. It will give them the confidence to scoot around and have fun outdoors. Its sturdy and perfect for nursery run, school run, trips to the park and so on. For more information on the Oxelo B1 scooter , the shell  or other Decathlon products such as Oxelo safety accessories and more please visit their website .


This is not a sponsored post, however we were sent the scooter to trial for the purpose of this review.


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