My children at not yet school aged which means as a family we can still have the benefit of taking family holidays during term time to save on cost. The down side is that when we are at home many of our friends are travelling overseas and to various part of the country on holiday.  Thankfully this summer has been a good one. There has been a fair balance of rain and sunshine, in our area so we can’t complain. As I don’t drive I’ve been mainly taking our kids to the local children centre. We are fortunate to a lovely purpose built on with wonderful staff. They have been very creative in having fun filled summer activities, one of which is the weekly teddy bear picnic. Last week our outdoor fun was one of a picnic and the highlight was the adventure playground at Richmond Park.

London as eight parks that come under the Royal Parks umbrella. Fortunately for me and my family, two of them are not too far from us. On the weekend we visited Richmond park. I’ve been living south of the river for eight years,  but its only since having children that I truly enjoy Richmond Park. Having children means that you walk to their pace and see things from their level. I dare say that they give us parents a second chance to enjoy elements of childhood. I now have  joie de vivre. Its true some of the best things in life are free.

During our afternoon visit at Richmond Park, first we drove up to Pembroke House and explored the environs near to the cafe and lodge.



Around Richmond Park

Around Richmond Park

Angelo was really excited to spot the deer in the park and the mini beasts amongst the flowers. After our stroll we moved onto the mini adventure play ground.

play at richmond park

Fun and imaginative play

The big kids in me loves adventure playgrounds. I like scampering about with the kids. On this occasion I didn’t get too involved because Angelo and Valentina are slowing beginning to enjoy their own company. Sometimes I leave them to it a bit, so that they can build their bond together. And nothing says summer like ice cream right?! We all made certain have some. I’m linking this blog post to the Country kids of Coombe Mill blog hop.


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