My family and I had the most glorious two weeks in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The only thing that could have made it better was warmer temperatures.  We packed in many outings. The kids even asked for a day off. Yes! I wore them out. Yay! After our fabulous holiday on the Isle of Wight last year, this year we had to top it with more sea and sand and we did.  There was plenty opportunities for coastal walks and nature walks but we only did a little. If have an explorer’s heart, Pembrokeshire, is the place to go.



Where We Ate & Slept In Pembrokeshire


We stayed in a chalet in Trewent Park, Freshwater East which was roughly 10 minutes’ walk for the beach.  The chalet was clean and cosy. However, but as per usual the bed in the master bedroom was too small for our long big frames. There are different sizes of chalets at the holiday park. Bigger modern chalets were pricier. Our two weeks stay cost just under £700

Because we were staying close the beach, in my mind we would have lots of sea food dishes.  Frankly, the fish and chips eateries were a hit or miss.  The best we had was at Marina Fish and Chips, Saunders Foot. It was so yum. Fresh fish, crispy batter and their tartar sauce was freshly made.


Pubs & Fast Food Restaurants

I don’t  like to give negative feedback, however, our dining experience at The Royal George in Pembroke was horrible. The food was very average which I could have let slide but the services was poor to say the least. We ordered two Coca-Colas. What we got was flat Diet Coke. Then we informed the attendant (could’ve been the manager) she frankly said that’s what they have and that’s now it is.  We didn’t return it because chances are we would have had to pay for the flat drink plus the new one.

Funnily enough, the best table service we had as at McDonald’s, Pembroke.  After the Royal George we went directly to McD’s because we were still hungry and feeling wound-up.  We experienced friendly table service, relaxing classical musical; the ambience was bright and clean. We ate their on two occasions. It was lovely hats off to management and staff there.


Ice Cream Parlour 

Oh! I must mention Welsh ice cream! It’s super creamy and full of flavour. The best we had was also The Hive Saunders Foot.  I’ve never had honey ice cream before.  I had pistachio and rum and raisin. The kids had bubble-gum. Hubby tasted salty caramel, a seagull stole the rest. If you could see his face! Too funny.

Days Out With Kids in Pembrokeshire


I think Pembrokeshire is best enjoyed outdoors.  Nonetheless, due to the down turn in the weather, we had a few rainy day options. One drizzly day we visited The Dinosaur Park, Tenby.  It was sensational! There were the usual theme park type rides but with a Jurassic theme; diggers, swings, a labyrinth, Herbie cars, trampolines and such that little ones would enjoy, along with an indoor barn play area. Other attractions included the fossil hunt, dinosaur trail and dinosaur safari to mention a few. Our favourite parts were the dinosaur trail which set in the Gumfreston woodlands, is like the land before time. Expect lush green flora, mini beasts, steep descents (but there’s a buggy friendly option), a gurgling stream and dino roars ring out in the woods.

Along the trial there are over 30 life sized dinosaurs to spot.  Of course, major photo opportunities and nature exploring too. We quite enjoyed the Dinosaur Safari, as well. It’s about ten minutes’ drive into another part of the woodlands.  Our guide was entertaining and made thee short journey quite lively. The animatronic dinosaurs were fascinating and really engaged the kids’ attention.


Rainy Day Options

One bleak cold day we went to Blue Lagoon waterpark. We took to the slides and whizzed down the relaxation pools to chill out. It’s a great day out whatever the weather, all year round. The water and air is heated to perfection. You into might think you’re on a tropical island when the waves hit in the Wave Pool.

We also visited the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Factory, Haverfordwest.  They’ve got a café and shop where you can dine and stock up on your chocolate treats. We opted to attend the demonstration on chocolate making.

I absolutely love castes. Wherever we go, I’m always looking for a castle to explore, this trip was no exception. So, we visited Carew Castle and the Tidal Mill. The ticket to the castle allowed us access to the mill which was fully functioning up until the 1930’s. While at the caste we did a pirate hunt, and attended a birds of prey display. Our visit to the mill brief because it was quite busy.


Building Bonds In Pembrokeshire


Spending those two weeks together has brought us closer as a family. We’ve seen parts of each other we may have over looked before. I certainly rediscovered my adventuring spirit and learnt that my kids are growing up and need me less for some things.  It has been hard returning to the ever day grind.

I would say there’s something for everyone, in Pembrokeshire. Couples, families, singles, if you love the outdoors, Pembrokeshire is the place to visit. If you go or have ever been,  let me know what you get up to.  You can search hashtag  #TTTonStaycation to see more images of where our staycations.




(updated 28th June 2020)




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