Organix is a brand that has been part of children’s lives from since they were toddlers. I always felt I was making the healthy choice by using that brand. They have found a balance between creating something healthy that looks like the ‘regular’ snacks kids sometimes crave. We’ve been though the Organix Finger Foods when the kids were teething, then Ogranix Goodies as they got older and were ready for preschool. Well, I have good news for fellow Organix fans, they have a new product! It’s called Punk’d!  Punk’d is for kids ages 5 – 11 years old. We were sent the two flavours of Punk’d to trial. True to their word Organix Punk’d is full of flavour and has no junk.

Ogranix Punk’d comes in two flavours and the packaging has an urban vibe. You know it’s for big kids, not babies. In fact the packaging states it’s not suitable for under 36 months.  The flavours are Strawberry & Vanilla Smash and Cocoa & Orange Crash.  Each box of Punk’d contain six 23g oaty bars. The Cocoa & Orange bar ingredients include wholegrain oats, sultanas (contains sunflower oil) Apple juice concentrate, orange oil. While the Strawberry & Vanilla has similar ingredients but Strawberry juice concentrate was used instead of apple.  If your child has a nut allergy, then be advised, the product May contain traces of nuts, soya and dairy as this food is produced in a factory that handles nuts, soya and dairy. On the Organix website you can find more information from their food information sheet.

What you really want to know is does it taste good, right? Well big kid at heart that I am, I tried them both. I LOVE the Cocoa & Orange Crash its full-on flavour and texture. Punk’d oaty bars are tiny but pack a punch. I had mine when I was on the run between appointments. It’s the perfect size to fit into a tiny purse or clutch bag.  I found it quite filling which is perfect for energetic kids who want to be on the move. Three bites it’s done and off they can go but with a satisfied tummy.  Angelo and Valentina had theirs as an after school snack, they don’t take a packed lunch to school. However, Punk’d will fit easily into lunch boxes and snack bags. Valentina didn’t fancy, but frankly snacks bars are usually her snack of choice. Angelo enjoyed the Strawberry & Vanilla Smash because it has a more subtle flavour.

Punk’d is available at ASDA and Ocado. The box of six RRP£2.00. For more information on Punk’d and other Organix products visit the website.


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