I enjoyed weaning Angelo. He loved his food and was willing to try anything. Organix was one of our brands of choice. By time I was ready and willing to face the world with him, I could always get fantastic, easily portable treats to pack for our outings.  THEN he turned two and got picky. Now, I’m always on the look-out for healthy treats to tempt him back to eating. WELL! The folks at Organix hit the mark AGAIN. 12 NEW products have been added to the toddler Organix Goodies range just in time for the summer and they are a hit!

So! Here’s what we thought of the NEW Organix Goodies foods:

Squeezies – It’s a bit hard for a toddler to open unaided. Then again I’m reckon that’s to protect the contents and maintain the shelf-life. Angelo said ‘it’s juicy’ and tastes of apple. Both varieties we tired had apple and you can taste more apple in both (Mango Apple and Strawberry Apple). At first he thought it was his baby sister, Valentina’s, food due to packaging. Then, he did got a bit creative with his food and made collection of his favourite tank engines, at least his interpretation of them (Thomas, Gordon, and Percy) and used the puree to stick them together. No reflection on what the thought of the product, as he’s eaten them on more than one occasion since then. 

Valentina has also part-taken of the juicy pouch. Although is targeted at 12+ months, the puree is smooth enough for her.  I saw no harm in letting her and her brother share the snack.   She’s had them at breakfast. We also had at our indoor picnic

Strawberry bar – This was the first snack that caught Angelo’s eyes. He prefers snacks that he can move around with while he plays. He also loves strawberries, so it was easy to see why he requested this snack. (The bars went so fast I got no pics of them).

Raisins and Apples– It’s good for an on the road treat.  The packet is small and you can easily pop into a handbag or knapsack, whatever you use when you’re out and about with the kids. He enjoyed it. However, I did think there could have been a bit more in the pack.

Number Jumble Cereal– he had it with cold milk. When asked if he liked it he said ‘yes’ when asked what it taste like he said ‘SWEET!’ (but in all honesty, there is no added sugar or salt which is a good thing)

Organic Fruit Gummies– I offered Angelo the Mango Apple on a day I formerly introduced the colour yellow to him as a fun and learning experience.  He told me it tasted like popcorn. I’m not sure why perhaps he was being cheeky but I was curious so I tried one myself.  The texture was soft and chewy with a sweet tangy taste. No, not popcorn… he was being cheeky! I’m especially happy that this new treat is on the market. He loves gummies and I usually only give him one or two max of other brands due to the high sugar content but this one he can enjoy a pack.

Squeezy Tubes– Both Angelo and Valentina enjoyed this treat. The last couple of weeks have been so hot. I popped these in the refrigerator to chill for them. Angelo had his from the tube. I poured Valentina’s into a bowl and fed it to her.

The sachets are lean and sturdy enough to be taken along when the kids are out and about. I like the fact that at the back of box there’s a mini education game. I think with would be great for helping little ones development there memory and observation skills. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to try it with Angelo. I sent to box to his nursery for a project they are working on there.

Now, apart from the new good foods, Organix are also offering parents the chance to win some fantastic prizes including the chance to be a zoo keeper for a day, weekend breaks at home and abroad, and a day trip to Santa’s Grotto in Finland. Special promotional packs of Apple & Orange and Raspberry & Apple Oaty Bars, Carrot Stix, Cheese & Herb Puffs and Goodies Californian Raisins are in the shops, and you can find more information on their Facebook page. There you will also free downloadable activity sheets to help you and the kids get through the Summer.

For more information on the range and its nutritional guidance, please visit the Organix website.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. However I was sent the products mentioned to trial for the purpose of this review. The opinions stated above are my own.


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