Last year I attended Blog Camp London. While there I had the lovely privilege of meeting fellow Trini Karla Thomas. Like myself, Karla was seeking knowledge on enhancing our blogs and networking. Since then Karla and I have kept in touch sharing tid bit on about our blogs, family and business. Now I’d like to introduce you, my readers to Karla and her business.  As they say, each one teach one, lets continue to inspire each other. This is my Q&A with OperationCookDesign’s, Karla Thomas.


About Karla


Tell The Tiger Tales readers a bit about yourself and your culinary background?

My name is Karla Thomas and I’m a Londoner, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies. Most of my adult life was spent in London. I am a person who loves life and enjoys visiting new places, and anything that is food related.

I am a trained chef and have been for a few years. I got into catering by accident. When I was choosing my subjects for O’levels secondary school level, I did not know what subjects I was going to end up taking. In the end I decided to choose Home Economics, and that was where it all started for me.

I trained as a Chef here in London studied part -time and worked my way up in the industry where I worked in various places where I then finally decided last year to being the journey to start my own business.


Preparing Low Cal Food


There are obvious benefits to low calorie treats but why did you decide to build a business on low calorie products?

I decided to go down the route of creating low calorie cakes was because the market was overrun with cake products which were high in sugar content.

I enjoy eating cakes sometimes and I was looking for something different, so, that is why I decided to start making cakes which were low in calories.

red velvet

How do you achieve the tastiness AND low calories of your cakes and keep your costs down?

My cake ideas are still in the early stages, but I try my best to use the best and fresh ingredients, so as to achieve the right flavour, texture.

I am currently keeping costs down by buying ingredients from my local supermarket.


The Future


Where do you see your business in the next five years?

In the next five years, I hope my business would be global. I want my catering business to be in a least two countries that is goal one. The other goal is to have my cakes being sold in supermarkets, as well as, other shops.

My catering business I would like it to have more employees where I would not be doing so much of the work but having other people come on board. And catering to functions and high end parties.


What advice would you like to share with entrepreneurs setting up business in the culinary field?

The advice I would give to people who are starting up is, do not give up. As you are starting you will need to have an idea to start with, as well, as some sort of mini plan. There are going to be times you will be thinking is it worth it? I would say try to get your creative juices flowing by seeing yourself already there as a business person.

Never forget where you started from.  Do not get too big headed once your business kicks off the ground properly.


Get Social


You can follow Karla on her  social media channels, Twitter and Instagram . She also has a new podcast aimed at women over 40, entitled Mindful Eating.


(updated 7th April 2021)



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