The last time I visited Mayfield Lavender, Valentina was a growing bump. Now, she’s a baby who loves being outdoors. She enjoys looking up at the sky or crawling in the grass inspecting her surroundings. Last weekend, Mayfield put on a festival at their lavender field. Hubby was working as usual, so we experienced the festival in fragments, over the Saturday and Sunday. The sun was probably the hottest its been for the Summer to date,  as much 28 degrees in some parts. It was perfect weather for outdoor fun. Unfortunately, we missed most the kids’ activities. There was a bug hunt which visitors could take part in in their own time and pace but Angelo is still too young. Instead, he enjoyed running along the lavender lanes. He relished the freedom just to BE. Here are our best bits from the Mayfield Lavender Festival.


Saturday At Mayfield Lavender





On Sunday

I ended my day with a relaxing 15 mins massage from Pampering with Gloria. It was a real treat to be massaged in such a gorgeous outdoor location. I’d intended to have a quick photo shoot with Emma Louise  as well, but she’d left by the time we’d returned. I left some of my made-up face on Gloria’s work station. Ops!



While having my me-time the kids went to the nearby The Oaks Park. The 166 bus to West Croydon passes near there.  It’s just across the road from Mayfield Lavender. They clearly had a bonding moment, if I can judge by this photo that hubby took.



Mayfield Lavender is a fantastic place for all in the family to visit. No need to wait for a grand occasion. However, The lavender is usually at it’s best around mid July. 

Visit their website for opening times. Admission is free to the general public for leisure purposes but there is a cost for parking which is irredeemable on against any purchases on the day. The website will have further details on that as well.


We recently visited the party together. See how much the kids have grown!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

(updated 31st May 2020)


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