As the children get older is actually trickier to have couples time. We are a close family and they get jealous when their dad and I do anything without them. Added to that, life is busy: school run, house chores, blogging, volunteer work, home work and so on. By the time they go sleep, I’m shattered. Sometimes I fall asleep with them. Putting our heads together, hubby and I decided to have week day dates.


The Kids Are At School

The kids are in school full-time, it made sense to have week day dates. No need to pay for childcare. The money saved could be used for our little treats. On our first date we went out for breakfast then on to the cinema to see IT in the middle of the day! Apart from staff the cinema was near empty. I felt as though I was having and illicit affair. My face must have said as much because the cheeky box office guy asked us for our IDs. Hubby and I looked at each other baffled then back at him. He laughed. Then, we got the joke and it was on us.

We had such a lovely time that we had another date recently, a few days before my birthday. There’s a new tea shop in our area and we’ve both wanted to try it! It was worth the wait. The funny thing is we kept noticing things the children would have enjoyed.



We finished off with an uninterrupted shopping trip to Costco. It didn’t matter where I was as long as we were together AND we both love Costco. We bought our favourite cakes and a few new treat. Hubby said, ‘they will see the shopping and know we’ve been to Costco.’ There it was the guilt again … in the end they didn’t notice. We got away with it and spent the rest of the evening smiling at each other remembering our shared ‘misdemeanour’.


Untill the Next Lunch Date

I can hardly wait for our next date. We feel so young and alive and it’s a good opportunity to have grown up conversation.

What weird, wild and wacky things do you do to stay connected to your partner? Do you date? How do you eek out time to be together?



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