Hubby and I recently bought Angelo a second-hand trike. He’s growing really fast. We thought it would best for him to practice, get the hang of riding a trike/bike before making the investment of a new trike/bike that will last him a few year. They don’t come cheap and kids can fall out of love with toys quick-time. We took him onto the grounds of Nonsuch Mansion to try-out his trike. He was over the moon when he saw it! Bless him and the innocence of youth. He didn’t care that it was not from the shop, in all likelihood he doesn’t understand the concept of first or second hand. Initially, hubby wanted to buy him a balance bike, but I managed to convenience him otherwise. It’s my feeling the balance bike would’ve cut out on father/son bonding time (I could be wrong but its my feeling) on learning to ride bike. So yesterday, on the lovely sunny late afternoon Angelo had his first trike ride, then a kick about with his dad.

Valentina and I sat on the grass and enjoyed the fresh air. She crawled about a bit, munched on a few twigs, looked up at the sky and leaves on the trees and totally enjoyed being outdoors and free.

Here are a few pics from our late afternoon outing

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Romanian Mum

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