Nothing says adventure than the tales of a life at sea.  My daughter tells me she wants to be a travelling adventurer.  In a fashion I foster that desire to see the world, with the aid of books.  The story of Old Man of the Sea is one such book. It fosters an adventurer’s heart.  We were sent a copy by Lantana Publishing to review. It’s a beauty to behold and pleasure to read. Old Man of the Sea is a tale of stories that reveals a heartening inter-generational relationship.



Every Sunday, Grandpa waited for me in his room, and I took my place at the foot of the bed. There were days when Grandpa wanted to talk, and days when he would sit in silence. Then one day, Grandpa began telling me stories about his life at sea.


The Review

The young fear the old. Grey hair sparks concern because it indicates a nearness to death.  In Old Man of the Sea Grandpa says ‘Every line on my skin tells the story of my life’.  Now that’s amazing. His words allow us to consider the experience and stories that the aged have to share AND the fact they were once young as well. The husband and wife (Elia and Santiago) author and illustrator team from Brazil have gifted the world with a charming tale that’s an ode to life.

Grandpa has a gift for words. He conjures a romantic image of his life and dalliances at on land and sea. The narrator (his grandson) shares the stories with us and says, ‘Grandpa likes to observe the entire horizon…. / …. Before long Grandpa fell in love again, this time with Africa.’

The story is beautifully told. Santiago’s vibrant illustrations sum up all the best that the continents have to offer with marvellous child-friendly maps and charming seascapes. There’s mystery, wonder and intrigue in the words and the illustrations. Our hearts warm to the relationship between grandson and grandfather. It’s a special bond.

Angelo’s best bit:  he loved the adventures the old man went on

Valentina’s best bit: She loves the old man’s stories

My best bit:  the relationships, the adventures and illustrations


Old Man of the Sea will be enjoyed by young and old alike. It will make story time that more special especially if it’s a moment shared between grandparent and child.

The book will hit the book shops on August 29th.


Book Details

Written by Stella Elia

Illustrated by Weberson Santiago

Reading Age: 4-8 years

Extent: 32 pages

Book size: 205 x 260 mm

Pub Date: 29th August 2019

ISBN (hardcover): 978-1-911373-54-4


Visit Lantana Books website for further details on Old Man of the Sea and other books.


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