I first heard about the NXS International haircare range in 2014. I was eager to try more organic British haircare brands and luckily I won a competition via Instagram for trial sizes of the NXS International range. I was a bit heavy handed using the styling products, so I didn’t get best results. When I untwisted my hair it was limp and felt clammy. What difference a year makes. I’ve learnt styling tricks to make my thin hair look fuller. Best of all, I know what ingredients my hair likes and how to use them. Thankfully, I got a second chance to try NXS International products. Armed with my new styling knowledge, the outcome was much better. I trialled NXS International Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion (suitable for Dry/Extra Hair) and NXS Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair Pomade for three weeks with good results.


NXS International’s Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion


I liked NXS International’s Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion when I tried it last year, this time around at first I didn’t. My hair has changed over the last year. To start with most of the professional bleaching and colour has grown out. At the moment it has a rinse out hairdye. Overall it’s in good condition with the exception of the ends that need trimming. I eventually worked out I needed much less of the hair lotion now.

How I used it: on clean damp hair as a styling. On dry hair as a detangler and styling aid. I also used it on occasion as daily moisturiser.

The Results: Because it’s so rich I could easily go three days before reapplying. It always gave my hair a lovely shine without weighing it down. My curls had an elasticity to them and no frizz. On wet or dry hair it worked best for me when used alone. Including an oil to lock in moisture made my hair clammy.

The fragrance is a pleasant spicy but not over-powering coco-vanilla with a hint of lavender. It would work any hair type. Use as advised. I would suggest applying a little, only adding more it’s needed. It comes in a 250 ml bottle with a pump nozzle. Depending on how it’s used, it could last up to two months.


NXS Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair Pomade

The NXS Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair Pomade I love LOVE! It’s not petroleum based as ole school pomades used to be. This pomade is all gorgeous natural cocoa and shea butters mixed. In the jar it’s solid but once on the finger tips, it slowly beings to melt.

How I used it: I applied to my dry hair and that of my daughter’s as a styling aid.

The Results: I believe my daughter has a 2b curl pattern. Her hair loved it. Her naturally glossy hair felt super soft and smooth like silk. She had less flyaways then usual. On myself, it kept my edges neater than usual but it’s not an edge taming product. Don’t expect it to have a hold. I would say that my hair is 3b/c curl type. It absorbed quickly into my hair, no clamminess or tackiness.  I can easily use it mid-week to re-twist my hair if necessary without fear of build-up. Because it melts so easily it can be applied to the scalp directly.

The fragrance is a pleasant sweet cocoa smell.  It contains coconut, castor and olives oils all of which my hair responds well too. It’s my new favourite styling aid.


About NXS International 


NXS International was established in 2008. It has a range of bodycare, haircare and skincare products, all of which are at least 87% natural. The products are affordable and well packaged with a high-end look. On the NXS International website the Nature Intense Moisturising Hair Lotion RRP £13.99. The Shea & Cocoa Butter Hair Pomade ranges in price £7.99-£11.99.

For more information about the brand and its products please visit their website.


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