I’m not a driver as you know but as a family we often go on trips and so on, Hubby does the driving. Angelo is now at age where he can unbuckle his seat belt and open the car door. I’m always a bit anxious he will bash someone’s car door because he pushes out his door very wide at times.  Hence, when I was approached to trial the No! Dinky I took the opportunity. I was sent a four No!Dinky to fit the model of our family car and I road tested them.


What is No! Dinky?


So, what is No!Dinky? ‘No!Dinky is a quick to use removable car door edge protector to ease getting in and out of the car in narrow parking spaces, and when trying to get children and shopping safely in and out of the car when it’s tight.’ Here’s how you use it:’ You can open the door until it rests against the next car, because you know that you won’t damage the edge of your door.’


The positives of No!Dinky:

  1. You will protect your car door if the parking space is a bit tight
  2. It is removable after every use
  3. It’s easy to store. You can either hang it by its loop, place in the glove compartment or the side pocket of the car door
  4. It’s made from foam which makes it hard enough to protect the car doors but soft enough to have a cushiony effect. Therefore, it  leaves no marks or scratches on the surface of vehicle
  5. Its comes in different fits making it suitable for various makes of vehicles
  6. Its affordable


The negatives:

  1. It’s easy to lose because it can be mislaid
  2. It looks like a toy and kids may try to play with it
  3. Its an over-engineered solution (well that’s what Hubby thinks)
  4. Depending on your lifestyle you may not need one for the trunk (to date we’ve not had cause to use one)


I was curious to know if No!Dinky was water-resistant. I did a simple test nothing hugely scientific. I simply submerged in water for a few seconds allowed the container to fill with No!Dinky inside. No!Dinky was left in the water-filled container for 30 mins. It didn’t absorb any of the water. Therefore, I think its safe to say the No!Dinky is water-proof.


Here’s a video from the No!Dinky website that shows the device in action.



Tid bit: No! Dinky has been designed by a husband and wife team, developed and it’s being manufactured using all British manufacturers, assembled in Wiltshire.

If you are out and about in your car often and  you’re worried that you (or you child)might graze a vehicle when getting out of the car, its worth investing in No!Dinky. It gives me piece of mind. To purchase No!Dinky you can buy directly from the company website 


Please note this is not a sponsored post however, I was sent the gadget to trial for the purpose of this review.



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