After having my second big chop in 2010, with the exception of annual trims I’ve allowed my hair grow naturally. I supported the growth and my all round good healthy, during my two pregnancies by taking supplements. After my second baby, I took part in growth challenges hosted by Jenell Stewart on her Kinky Curly Coily Me blog. Taking part in the challenges allowed me to focus on caring for my hair better which helped to combat postpartum shedding. However, since joining the gym I’ve been feeling for a change. I wanted a look to fit with my shedding pounds. Just as it happened five years ago, two weeks ago I woke up and decided it was the day for a big chop of my natural hair.


Natural Hair Journey


Over the years I’ve had various hairstyles. Since going natural I’ve worn braid and I twists with extensions a few times. I’ve never been that adventures with my hair. My main concern was keeping it healthy to foster growth and fit with my lifestyle.

Natural Hair Big Chop


This time around I went for a big chop with a bit of style, an asymmetrical curly version of a short crop I had years ago. I had it done while I was visiting my dear friend Chelsea. Some of you may remember she did my last big chop. Additionally, when I was pregnant with Valentina, she did my  look up date by trimming and highlight my hair. I trust her immensely. Aside from my hairdresser, there is no one else who I’d allow to cut my hair.

I’m absolutely happy with it, but I think when I lose more weight I may cut it a shorter. It’s so liberating to have short hair and for some reason I tend to feel sexier and more confident. Once that second cut has been done, I’ll allow it to grow again.


3B Curly Hair Look Update

Like my new lifestyle I want to start anew with my hair and let it grow and blossom as I hope to do as a maturing woman, wife and mother. This is my third big chop. Here’s hoping, third time the charm. It is true, being natural is a s state of mind. What have you done to your hair this summer?

Do you plan to change you look for autumn/winter? Please feel free to share you story.




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