I first glimpsed Palmer’s Natural Fusions range on Instagram via Yolanda Renee (@etcblogmag) over the Xmas hols. My eyes lit up! Here was a range that looked pretty and contained some of my fav natural ingredients: lavender, neem and Tahitani Monoi oils.  Then, I saw a video trial by Curlture, months later. The products’ texture looked perfect for my hair type (3b/3c). When it finally arrived at my local Superdrug, I bought the Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner. I needed a leave-in-conditioner that was light enough to use as a detangler, so it made sense to start with that. I was very happy with the results. Then I was a gifted product few products to trial.  At first I was underwhelmed.  Why were influencers raving about the range? On the third try I got it. Here’s how Palmer’s Natural Fusions range won me over.

The Products


Palmer’s Natural Fusions range is comprised of has seven products. I received five of them to trial:

  • Ceramide Monoï Hair Food Oil (£7.99 150ML)
  • Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask (£2.99 60g)
  • Lavender Rosewater Conditioner (£7.99 350ML)
  • Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner (£7.99 250ML)
  • Micellar Rosewater Cleanser (£7.99 350ML)

I thought I needed the styler for the full experience but I couldn’t find the Neem & Buruti Style Hold in the Superdrug stores I visited. It’s not online either. Perhaps, it hasn’t come to the UK yet.

The Trial


As you know, I’ve been wearing my natural hair for over 8 years. I’ve used many products some hits, some misses. For sure I know how to wash hair, right? My first trial of Natural Fusions was a miss. On the second occasion I noted that the shampoo was drying, the conditioner … meh… The mask was good though. Not ready to give up I read the direction this time and followed it to the letter, even set my timer. Result!

After all these years, I was reminded of a basic rule in natural hair care, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Don’t assume all brands have to be applied the ‘usual’ way.

Trial 3: I rinsed my hair, applied the shampoo. It was a transparent runny consistency which lathered well. When it was rinsed out my hair felt a bit dry. It’s been years since I last used a clarifying shampoo. I don’t use many hair products or experience excessive product build-up. Next, to towel dried hair I applied the creamy Lavender Rosewater Conditioner. I left it in for the recommended 10 minutes. After I rinsed out the product and detangled my hair, it felt super soft, silky and elasticized. To towel-dried hair I applied the Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner detangled again, followed up with Ceramide Monoï Hair Food Oil and dried my hair with a diffuser.

Trial 4: I decided to mix things up by using a shampoo that was not clarifying, from another brand. After rinsing out the shampoo, I then followed the same steps above, and included a styler from another brand. Natural Fusions worked well alongside the brands I regularly use.



Palmer’s Natural Fusions range worked well on my 3b/3c curls. I was happy with the look and feel of my hair. Oh! And the smell! The floral fragrance is gorgeous.  I was totally impressed with the results. My hair felt bouncy, looked and felt hydrated.

The leave-in-conditoner was so light, I could use it daily to refresh my curls. It didn’t weigh my hair down or cause tacky build up. It’s my hero product, best of all it’s mult-purpose.

Thicker and/coily hair types may require a styler, if curl definition is the hair style goal.  However, in terms of price, quantity and effectiveness, Natural Fusions was value for money.

For further details, visit the Palmer’s website. To shop the brand, go to Superdrug.

To find out what results I had with other Palmer’s ranges, CLICK HERE



(Updated 5th March 2021)



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