There was a period in my life before coming to England when my sense of smell was poor. The condition was triggered by hay fever and perhaps diet. I did and still do love cheese and cream despite the sneezing fit I get when I’ve had too much. For ten years I had a reprieve while living in England then my body got used to my environment. The hay fever returned, when I was pregnant with Angelo. Once again there are times when I can’t smell. Recently, I it heard it said on the radio that people who have they the inability to smell can develop depression. I can understand; fragrance can take us back to a place and moment in time. When I heard that 21st March is National Fragrance Day, I wanted to celebrate the fragrances of my memory in a post.


The Memory Muse

In 2012 Huffington Post quoted study a back in 2012 which stated ‘These differences included enhanced social insecurity [and] increased risk for depressive symptoms,” states the study published March 21 in the open access journal PLoS ONE.’*

Prior to that in 2007, Psychology’s Today referred to fragrance as ‘memory’s muse’*. They went on to quote the findings of Dr Rachel Hertz. Dr. Hertz said ‘An odor has no personal significance until it becomes connected to something that has meaning’. Hence, the feel good factor of a particular fragrance is a personal thing. 


My Favourite Fragrances

My favourite fragrances can be categorised into nature, food, perfume and recreation. In no particular order my top six fragrances are:

  • Flowers (roses)
  • Macaroni pie with golden ray
  • Homemade Popcorn
  • Boss Femme
  • Dolce and Gabbana The One
  • Books


The Smell of Tea

I love the heady smell of roses, cliche perhaps I just love them. We have a yellow rose bush in front our house. When the wind blows on a warm summer day, it’s fragrants the wind. When I discovered Choi Time Teas last year at the Spirit of Christmas Fair, Olympia, I was thrilled. To date, my favourite tea is the Damask Rose. It’s meant to be good relieve anxiety and stress. It’s caffeine free and rick rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Oh the aroma! Its like a rose garden in a cup.

me timeI’m also fond of the Chrysanthemum, tea which detoxifies the blood, relieves congestion and can calm the nerves which is ideal for me with my ‘anxious’ disposition. (I’m hoping to gift a glass tea pot for mother’s day heavy hinting to hubby so I can try Choi Time’s Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs.)


Don’t laugh. Its feels wrong to follow cleansing teas with Trini Marconi pie and Golden Ray butter but it’s my guilty pleasure. My mum’s always ‘reminding’ not to have too much.  Every time I smell it Golden Ray, I’m 6 years again at home with my grandmother. I even put it in my homemade popcorn which also happens to my list of favourite smells.


Perfume Scents

I don’t often wear perfume but I adore a musky floral scent. On my wedding day I wore Boss Femme. Amongst its heart notes is the Turkish Rose (along with Vanilla, Orchid). My wedding was a momentous occasion in my life, so Femme will always have a special place in my heart and memory. Staying with perfume, I love the smell of hubby especially on date night. He often wears Dolce and Gabbana The One. Fitting name don’t you think?


The Smell of Books

Finally, and by no means least, books. I love the smell of books! Which is why I’m not into e-books. The smell of a books is quite comforting to me. Currently I’m reading Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. Every time I pick it up, I relax and get ready to delve into the world of Afro American human computers.

How about you? What smells to you love or hate. Why?



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