Natasha Glover and I first met at a beauty event a few years ago. Since then, we have become kindred spirits on social media and friends off line. She inspires me because she’s a strong advocate for supporting black-owned brands. Natasha is a font of knowledge for quality black-owned British bands. When she says something is good, I know that I could close my eyes and purchase anything from said brand and not be disappointed. So, when Natasha said she was creating a stationery brand, I was thrilled and proud! I simply had shout about it. Find out more about Natasha Glover, her brand Brown Skin Dark Lips and her crowdfunding campaign for the brand.

About Natasha Glover



TTT: Tell us a bit about yourself?

NG: Hi Maria, my name is Natasha Glover and I am a wife, mother of two boys, solicitor, beauty addict and lover of good paper. I’m a fan of efficiency and I can’t stand having my time wasted- life is too short! As the eldest child in my family, I am supposed to be sensible and mature, and most of the time I am. However, deep down inside I have a silly streak. I love to chuck in a cheeky rebellion every now and then!


TTT: What was the catalyst for starting Brow Skin Dark Lips?

NG: Brown Skin Dark Lips started as a beauty blog It was a fresh start in late 2019, after I decided to take my original Tasha’s Face beauty blog in a different direction. I wanted to provide informative and useful articles for all beauty lovers, especially those with features similar to mine; medium brown skin, lips with a dark outline, fine hair, curly hair, freckles and brown eyes. While I love a full-on, flawless look, my busy lifestyle means I have very little time for myself.

My makeup look is usually practical and achievable quite quickly, Although, I still need to throw in something fun to feel like ‘me’. A perception of perfection it not necessary. I just want to feel good. My blog and social media accounts have therefore evolved to show that; I used to refuse to show my face unless it looked perfect I’m now showing the world that real-life is ok!

This year, I wanted to take my blog a step further. Whilst you can get advice and opinions on my blog, from my online shop, you will be able to pick up your beauty and lifestyle essentials as well as the little things that make you feel good, all in one place. It’s important make sure my beauty offering is fully inclusive after feeling like I’ve been ‘othered’ all of my life. Inclusivity is not just about 100 shades of foundation.


Building A Brand That Celebrates Uniqueness



TTT: What’s our ambience preference when designing your stationery?

NG: Ooh, my ambience preference is … well, I don’t have one! I need to be inspired and I will create from there. The main thing is that the stationery is pretty to look at and beautiful to touch. Each stationery collection will be inspired by the theme I am working on at the time.

For my debut Citrus Earth collection, I thought about where people would use the products. As we were in the middle of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I decided that people would be using the stationery and hanging the art in their homes. I researched home decor colour trends, had a bit of a play with the combinations and made two colour palettes which were both beautiful and perhaps a little unexpected. I then let my Instagram followers vote for the palette that I would develop and that’s how the Citrus Earth collection was born.

In short, I guess you could say the inspiration was part research, part playtime and part collaboration.


Brown Skin Dark Lips

TTT: Who do you envision your ideal customers to be?

NG: I don’t have an ideal customer- everyone is welcome! As my shop is a solution to a problem I have been facing. I have initially been focusing on ambitious, creative, family women – professionals with children who love beauty and know the importance of self-care, because that’s what I know from personal experience. Having said that, I’m not a fan of trying to fit people into gender stereotypes. In fact, as a mother, I find it quite irritating. Not all girls want all their toys to be pink. Not all women want their perfumes to be sweet or floral. Advertisements pushing that notion make me roll my eyes every time.

With that in mind, I wanted to make sure that my collections are curated to appeal to anyone who wants the products. I personally love ribbons and the colour pink so you will see those things, but I also love earthy, peppery, and woody scents – so you will see that too. The first fragrance brand I am working with shares those values and that is reflected in the gender-neutral packaging and scent descriptions.



USP Of Brown Skin Dark Lips


TTT: What’s your unique selling point for Brown Skin Dark Lips?

NG: In a nutshell – it’s to be different. I have never fit into a neat box and whilst for much of my life that has made me feel left out, it has also made me unique. The people close to me appreciate that and I have grown to love it.

I want people to learn to embrace their true selves earlier than I did – life would be so much easier! I want the blog and the shop to be a welcoming space where we can be who we want to be, express that, and buy the products that make us feel good, all in one place.

For example, in my profession, when you go to court you have to wear a dark coloured suit. I was told my pale grey trouser suit with a tiny bit of lilac detailing was not suitable. So, now I have black suits but so as not to lose myself, I will wear my curls, perceived to be ‘unprofessional’ but it’s the hair that grows from my head and I’m not changing that for anyone else anymore. I may also attend court with a crystal pen or glitter notebook, to bring some joy to my day.



TTT: What products can customers expect from the brand?

NG: The products that will initially be available are gold foil ‘Thank You’ cards, fine art prints, tabletop signs designating zones in your home or office or asking people to ‘Shh!’ Because you need some quiet time, notebooks, beaded statement necklaces, bullet journals, makeup face-charts, handmade soap, niche fragrance and nail polish.

Depending on the funds raised in my Crowdfund, I might also be able to offer a full facial skincare regime and notecards.

Ultimately, Brown Skin Dark Lips will be offering makeup, skincare, fashion, homeware and stationery mainly sourced from British businesses, women-owned business and Black-owned businesses to raise awareness of these niche brands. Ideally, I’d also want to combine this with larger, well-known brands so you can get everything you want in one place


Natasha Glover

Get Social



TTT: Where can people find you and donate to your start-up?

NG: You can support the Brown Skin Dark Lips crowdfund by choosing a reward or pledging any amount you like – every £1 counts because not only do I need to meet the initial target, 100 people is a crowd! The crowdfund ends on 4th August 2020 at 11:38 am.

You can find me via my blog, Brown Skin Dark Lips, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Thank you so much!


I hope you have enjoyed Natasha’s interview. If you can support Natasha Glover on her entrepreneurial journey.

Please comment below. Share your thoughts and words of encouragement.



The Launch of Brown Skin Dark Lips


Natasha successfully crowdfunded her business Brown Skin Dark Lips and launched on 27th September.  On the site you can shop for stationary, skincare and beauty products.


brown skin dark lips


I treated myself to are few bits and was very happy with them. 

To shop the brand, visit the Brown Skin Dark Lips  website.






(Updated 13th October 2020)




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