My kids and I are currently doing the Summer Reading challenge together. You may have seen some of our book selections on Insta Stories. On one of our library trips, Valentina spotted a book cover with her girl who reminded her of herself. She was so excited! It may seem trivial to some, but for others who don’t see themselves in books, it’s a special moment. What she didn’t know was that I’d accepted a book review opportunity from MyBook Heroes and I’d selected a protagonist who looked a bit like her too.


MyBook Heroes


MyBook Heroes is a start-up company that creates unique personalized books for kids that guide them to discover and develop important life skills, such as Courage, Leadership, and Determination.

We received a copy of MyBook Heroes’ Discover the Leader in You for Valentina for the purpose of this review.


How it works


To order a personalised book from MyBook Heroes, is quite simple. There are also three books to choose from:

  • Discover the Determination in You (RRP €24.99)
  • Discover the Courage in You (RRP €24.99)
  • Discover the Leader in You (RRP €24.99)

First you choose the language of the book (Greek or English); then select the gender and avatar, finally, select the book you want. There is the option of writing a dedication which will be printed on the last page of the book.


The Trial


We received Valentina’s book wrapped in tissue with ribbons. I helped her untie the ribbons then allowed her time to have a look through.  For several minutes all anyone could hear was how cute she looked. How much she loved her friends in the book. How did ‘the people know I like Pandas and Foxes?’  It all seemed so special and magical to her.  What I noticed was the good quality of the paper and printing, the lovely illustrations and my dedication at the back. She was visually touched by it.

I selected the book on leadership for her because she has a strong sense of what she likes, her ability to find a solution to a problem amazes me, she’s caring and helpful BUT can shy and doubtful of her abilities at times.  Discover the Leader in You had the perfect balance between magic, wonder and practical tips on how to be a leader. It  took us through making to friends, finding confidence to problem solving.

Val’s best bits: Meeting Dragon Tree and learning how to lead

My best bits: The illustrations and Dragon Tree’s advice, ‘You are always the leader of you… But when your actions inspire others to succeed you become a leader of a team…’

I think MyBook Heroes would be best suited to children ages 5 – 9, in order for them  to grasp the life lessons. It would make the perfect as a back to school gift, birthday present or ‘just because’.




We are happy with our MyBook Heroes book. Valentina truly felt she was at the centre of the story. What better gift for a child than the gift of empowerment and visibility?

Visit MyBook Heroes to find out more about their books. You can also find them on Facebook.




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